Celebrity Chef Sady joins Lifvation Group as Culinary Director to elevate Gobi’s offerings


Celebrity Chef Sady Cerna an internationally reknown chef has served some of the most powerful Hollywood stars in  teamed up with homegrown Singaporean lifestyle company, the Lifvation Group, with the goal of internationalizing its F&B brands. Chef Sady who’s got a good eye for high potential local brands met up with Lifvation Group’s Chairman, Dylan. They hit it off from the start. Chef […]

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High Valley Emperor Tea


  African Sunset Benefit: soothe the soul   Tasting Notes: Herbaceous top notes of tobacco, reminiscent of the African bush, with a lingering sweet aftertaste.Ingredients: Blend of African Honeybush, marigold and lemon myrtle.  S$4.50 Black Tea Benefit: Alertness & Energy Tasting Notes: Medium bodied tea. Powdery top notes of midnight violets coupled with earthy mid notes.Ingredients: Black tea aromatised with […]

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Enzyme Party, Friday, Aug 28-29


Enzyme Party! GET DRUNK ON VITAMINS. Friday-Saturday, Aug 28-29, ALL DAY Gobi has been producing fruit enzyme since last year. Due to limited production capability, our Enzymes is sold out most of the time. Gobi had a bumper production  week. We produced enough enzyme to have a party. Next Friday – Saturday all day long, 28-29th August, please come and […]

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Gobi Group gears up its hot kitchen


The impact of Celebrity Chef Sady Cerna has been felt within the Lifvation F&B group. The venerable Gobi brand which has served the public with award winning pastries gets ready to amp up it’s offerings. “The Gobi brand has a lot of potential. With the addition of a stellar hot menu, Gobi can move into the restaurant space,” Chef Sady.  Old […]

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