Vegan Mooncakes

Vegan Moon Cakes


One box of 4 mooncakes 38-

One mooncake 10-

WA order: 96470588

email order:

Preorder offer

  • 30.00- , 1 box (4 pieces)
  • 82.40, 3 boxes (12 pieces)
  • Offer ends on 1 Sept 2021

Ingredients that we use: mix mill (different type of flour mix for flavor and texture, e.g. barley, rye, rice & soy), mango, azuki, lotus, macha, sugar, salt, vanilla pod, olive oil.

Pastel Snowskin

(mix mill, predominantly rice flour)

Baked skin

(mix mill)

Blue butterfly pea flower skin with lotus azuki layers

Azuki with mango heart

Baked mix mill skin with azuki filling.

Macha skin, mango heart

Lotus with mango heart

Lotus with traditional baked skin

When is Mooncake Festival?  21 Sept 2021 (Tue)

Preorder offer 30- , 1 box of 4, Offer ends on 1 Sept 2022

WA order: 96470588

email order:

278 South Bridge Road Singapore 058827

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