Green Tea lovers set: Macha latte macha azuki

August 31, 2016

Macha latte and macha azuki tea set for 8.90 available in Gobi’s Central Kitchen and DDD cafe 3rd floor Bedok point     Also available in Ice Version: Ice Macha Latte     Joo Chiat (Central Kitchen)  350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598 Mon- Thursdays : 7am -9pm Fridays – Sundays : 7am – 10pm +65 6345 2127 +65 96470588      Bedok Point #03-34 Bedok Point 799 New Upper Changi…


Cinnamon is great for you and Gobi blends them in its tea

August 1, 2016

This everyday spice can nourish your skin, boost your memory, and keep the pounds away. Cinnamon can calm a cough especially in tea as it contains a water-soluble fiber call mucilage that coats and soothes the throat, says Lillian M. Beard, MD. Trying to lose some weight? Apple cinnamon tea regulates swings in blood sugar, cutting hunger spikes, accord­ing to research from the U.S. Depart­ment of Agriculture. Gobi’s fruit tea uses spices and a key…


Harvest 20160730: Pear Orange

July 31, 2016

Brewster July 31, 2016   The Pear Orange was loaded in GravityBrewer2 on June 28th This batch is definitely better in taste than the previous 20160626 vintage. This harvest has less of a bitter edge. The orange and pear taste balanced.  The Pear Orange Enzyme is rich in Niacin, vitamin B-6 and iron that increases metabolism by assisting with the production of L-carnitine, an amino acid that promotes fat burning. Your…


White Dragon Fruit Enzyme

July 15, 2016

This is the first time the Gobi Gravity Brewster (GGB) was used to brew the white dragon fruit. In the past, we always had a lot of problems working with white dragon fruit. White dragon fruit is bland and it takes a lot of work to get the enzyme drink tasty. Our recipe doesn’t have salt, sugar or yeast. The only way for us to make it awesome is to marry…


Gobi’s top selling tea

June 9, 2016

Gobi has been producing it’s own tea for half a year now. It’s not bad that we turn from a tea buyer to a tea producer. It all started because we found the tea vendor adding oil and artificial flavors in their tea. We hated the diluted taste especially on the second pot. Gobi produced tea from real fruit skin. There’s no additional flavoring but what nature intended us to…


Gobi’s Awesome January Enzyme harvest

January 11, 2016

Really good enzyme that taste fantastic is very difficult to make.Gobi makes four types of enzymes based on well known pharmacology papers on rejuvenation, immunity boosters, arthritis, detox. This batch of production has been bountiful. Thanks to careful control and a stable recipe. We still make too little barely meeting our own use. This batched we produced all four enzyme products: the Red Dragon Fruit (Vino De Pitaya), Pear Orange ( Vino De…


Gobi’s November Enzyme Harvest

November 12, 2015

It took us 60 days to make this batch. We manage to yield 6 bottles in total of high quality enzyme. 3 bottles of Pear Orange enzyme and 3 bottles of Pineapple enzyme. This batch was especially difficult to make. We included Celebrity Chef Sady in our panel of tasters. For every bottling batch, we have to have unanimous thumbs up for our panel of 6 tasters. Their job is…


Gobi serves its own tea

September 29, 2015

Gobi has been purchasing high quality tea for its retail outlets. Gobi’s prices have not changed since 2005. The problem is that the price of tea has been increasing  over the past few years. From 2002 to 2011 , the price of tea has increased 6x. With 2002 as a base, the price of tea now is about 75 USD-120 USD depending on the type of tea. The price includes tariff…