Gobi presents King Julian’s Crown

April 1, 2016

For S$13.50, enjoy Gobi’s interpretation of King Julian’s crown. A delicious warm sumo brown, on a bed of fresh bananas, topped with Gobi’s  homemade silky vanilla ice cream and golden walnuts sprinkled all over.   Enjoy this decadent dessert.


What happens when Pineapple meets Watermelon?

March 7, 2016

The Pineapple Melon Sorbet. Watermelon made out of 99% water and probably one of the worst fruits to make into ice cream and sorbet. We love the challenge. We manage to squeeze 350gm of watermelon puree out of  a 3kg fruit. It takes a lot of strength to scrape the sorbet off. It’s not quite a block of ice but close. Once it’s on the serving dish, the effort was…


Gobi introduces the BAO ice cream

December 28, 2015

The BAO (Banana Apple Orange) sparked a division of the sexes in Gobi’s kitchen. Flavor Name Yaay by 5 of Gobi’s staff on that day First idea: Apple Banana 满糕 Man Cream 3 Yaay 2 Nays 2nd Idea: Orange Banana 一场 The Long One 3 Yaay 2 Nays 3rd Idea: Banana Apple Orange The BAO ice cream 5 yaays  


Tried Gobi’s Caterpillar?

November 9, 2015

4 scoops of homemade goodness for your tasting pleasure: Vanilla Gelato, Pineapple Sorbet, Melon Sorbet, Seasalt banana sorbet. Topped with chopped almonds. s$12.00      


Gobi Singapore premiers the Melon Sorbet

October 10, 2015

The Melon Sorbet imbues Gobi’s philosophy of natural sweetness. This delightful dessert is light in taste with nice icy texture. It’s creamy without overpowering. This is a must have if you visit the Joo Chiat Peranakan enclave. 甜瓜冰糕是天然的甜味漂亮冰冷的质感。它重量轻奶油味,而不是沉重的味道。这是一个必须有,如果你访问的如切土生华人聚集区。 メロンシャーベットは素敵な氷のような質感と自然に甘いです。これは、光クリーミーな味と味が重いではありません。これは、ジョーチャットプラナカンの飛び地を訪問する場合は持っている必要があります。 멜론 셔벗은 좋은 얼음 텍스처와 자연스럽게 달콤한입니다. 그것은 빛 크림 맛과 맛이 무거운 아니다. 이것은 당신이 주 Chiat 페라 나칸의 영토를 방문하는 경우가 있어야합니다입니다. Le melon Sorbet est naturellement sucré avec une…


Gobi premiers Seasalt Banana Chocolate (SBC) Sorbet

September 12, 2015

Inspired by Chef Jonathan’s Seasalt Chocolate cake, it’s Sorbet twin was born, the Seasalt Banana Chocolate Sorbet. This delicious light yet creamy Banana sorbet goes well with any of Gobi’s award winning cheesecake and chocolate desserts. The sorbet contains no emulsifier, eggs, coloring or stabilisers. It’s as close as nature as you will get for a sorbet.  


Hot from the Dessert Kitchen

July 26, 2015

Chocolate Lava Cake        Vanilla Soufflé            Raspberry Souffle      Pitaya Souffle            Aglais Crème Bruelle                  Poire William           Raspberry Shortcake Choco Troll, Velvet Fae, Strawberry Royale Chef Jonathan’s Fantasy cakes   Red Velvet and Chocolate Heaven (special blend of fudge and brownie)      The best Coffee…



June 20, 2015

WAFFLE Full Waffle 12″ waffle S$6.90 Half Waffle S$4.20 Quarter Waffle S$2.50 GELATO Caramelicious Full Waffle & 2 scoops of ice cream. 1 free toppings. S$15.00 Earthquake Full Waffle & 4 scoops of ice cream. 2 free toppings. S$25.00  


the Spiral

March 29, 2015

Premiering Gobi’s decadent alcohol premium chocolate cake. The beautifully crafted cake infused with rum, lighted sprinkled with roasted almond and ala mode hits the spot.     Steps of Making a Spiral: Take a nice fat piece of Chocolate Fudge Cut it into size, heat it up and make a trough Fill the trough with 2-3 types of desert alcohol. Fill up the trough with gelato.   Decorate & serve.