Gobi Premiers the Chocolate Heaven and Tropical Sunset

December 20, 2017

Concept: For Gobi’s diehard lovers of our 9 layer chocolate therapy, this is a long overdue UPGRADE in taste and texture. The chocolate heaven is halal compliant using all halal certified products. It’s very low in sugar, strictly no liquor. Taste: Smooth chocolate creamy taste Texture: dark chocolate sponge layered with Chocolate Ganache with smooth beautiful blueberry tinged chocolate mirror finish. Concept: Tropical Sun is based on Gobi’s popular low…


Gobi mini Donuts

April 27, 2017

  We Serve Happiness. Introducing our new RAINBOW donuts! Topped with white chocolate and Rainbow sprinkles. Everything taste better with rainbow sprinkles. The icing sugar paired up with the fluffy donuts, this classic match made in heaven sure is a splendid classic of donuts to love! With our golden cinnamon crusts, warm doughnuts get us jumping for joy.  


Explaining Gobi’s Invoicing and Kitchen System

August 25, 2016

There are four sections to Gobi’s invoice Top section contains your billing information. Second section contains your production billing information. The note section is where your delivery instructions goes in. This is where we also place your customization requests. In this section, you will find the terms and conditions of your purchase. #1 sales are final. #2 Payment terms are stated here. There are three payment terms: credit, cod, advance payment…


Gobi makes bitesize Macha Azuki

July 3, 2016

Gobi is one of the few Patisserie that uses Sencha to make it’s Macha Azuki. Gobi added the bite size Macha Azuki into it’s Hitokuchi offering. Often asked why it’s not named the Sencha Azuki rather than the Macha Azuki. The market is already used to the name Macha Azuki. Only serious tea drinkers know of Sencha Azuki. Gobi’s Sencha Azuki or “Macha Azuki” bite size series has the lowest…


Gobi premiers two beautiful Christmas cakes to celebrate the SG50 spirit of love, caring and tenacity.

November 18, 2015

About the amazing Chef who made these incredibly tasting cakes. Many of us who work in Gobi consider Chef Jonathan 老大. A great teacher and a good life mentor. Chef Jonathan a humble man has beaten incredibly odds in life. He literally stared death in the face, found his faith and came back from the brink. He celebrates life with us by presenting to us two cakes that says you…


Gobi makes the Macha Tiramisu II

September 29, 2015

Gobi produced it’s first Macha Tiramisu on 8th August 2015 with an adaptation of the Coffee Tiramisu. The coffee tiramisu  the Macha Tiramisu I The incremental step proved to be a success with the Macha Tiramisu I sold out within a week. Chef Jonathan and his team made Macha Tiramisu II with a macha infused Mascarpone sandwiched by a light macha sponge.


Meet Gobi’s New SUMO Brownie

July 7, 2015

Heaviest and biggest brownie in Singapore.   Dimensions (10 cm length and 6 cm width) Height 3.5 cm Weight 152-160 gm Chef Jonathan a ardent fan of Sumo wrestling created this gargantuan brownie. This is most likely the heaviest and biggest commercial brownie in Singapore.  


Gobi’s Apple Crumble

June 22, 2015

What is the difference between an Apple Cobble, Apple Crispy Pie and Apple Crumble? Many of us are usually too busy spooning up the next bite to care what it’s called. These 3 rustic desserts that won’t win any beauty contests but OMG they taste so good. Cobbler, Crisp and Crumble are cooked the same way with the differences on the top layer. Cobblers uses biscuit topping on the apple mix. The biscuit is laid in small rounds, giving it the appearance of…


Gobi’s Macaroons

April 28, 2015

Gobi has 2 sizes of Macaroons: large (7cm) and MiniMacs (4cm). The Macaroons come in 9 flavors of Macaroons which are gluten free and infused with very vivid tea essence which enlivens the mouth and rejuvenates the soul. FAQ: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=4032 Raspberry Delight Raspberry infused macaroon. Marsala Chai Soothing Marsala Chai using traditional spiced tea from India to soothe your tired soul. Morgan Blend Made from Lapsang Soucheng black tea, bergamot oil and dark chocolate is…