Gobi is serving special coffee

December 17, 2015

Gobi is serving imported Green Coffee. Gobi’s HiAmp Green coffee helps improve metabolism. Amp you metabolism. Amplify your life. Pricelist:  Gobi’s hi AMP Green Coffee: amplify your metabolism and burn fat.  


Gobi’s Gourmet Coffee

Date: November 29, 2014 Author: gobi Comments: 0 Comments Categories: New Items      Gobi’s artisan coffee is created for the discriminating coffee lover. Gobi’s coffee comes from well known farms that exclusively exports to EU, US and Japan. Gobi’s artisan coffees comes from sustainable farm practices which respects people and the environment.We guarantee you that our coffee tastes SGD88.00 but all our coffee is priced at SGD5.00. Surprise your love ones with this great tasting gourmet…

April 2, 2015