Spiral II: Gobi’s super chocolaty dessert

September 23, 2017

Spiral: Gobi’s super Chocolaty dessert. If you love banana bread pudding, you’re gonna fall in love with Spiral 2. Freshly baked. 63452127. Eat: 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598. 2017  If you love banana bread pudding, wait till you taste Gobi’s chocolaty version. Infused with Kahlua, Rum, dark chocolate, banana and almonds. 2015 The original spiral. Chocolate cake with almond, premium alcohol ice cream.  


Xmas Pannacotta

December 12, 2016

Three delicious Pannacotta to enliven your celebration. Created with love and passion from the Gobi’s kitchen team.    Heaven’s Gold Peach Orange Pannacotta    Passion Red Strawberry Raspberry Pannacotta    Green Love Macha kiwi green apple Pannacotta 63452127 www.gobi.com.sg 350 Joo Chiat Singapore 427598  


Gobi premiers Sugee Fruit Cake

November 14, 2016

If you’re a fan of the Sugee cake (also spelled Suji) and you love fruits cakes, Gobi premiers the first of its kind an Almond Suji Fruit Cake. 8 Snowman macaroons will join the lovely Almond Suji Fruit Cake to make your festive season special.      


Gobi premiers the Princess

June 2, 2016

The Princess is Gobi’s 7th installment of it’s move to healthy desserts. The Princess is packed with vitamins and it’s a low sugar and low caloric dessert. The Princess is a delicious island of Ice Cream, orange, a good dose of Pear Orange Enzyme and chopped walnuts drizzled with vanilla sauce. The Princess is only available in Gobi’s Joo Chiat outlet.  


We love souffle

May 8, 2016

  Vanilla Souffle 厨师签名香草润肤霜 シェフの署名バニラスフレ   Perfect fluffy and light soufflé, served with a rich vanilla sauce.  S$12.00 Chocolate Souffle 厨师签名的巧克力蛋奶酥 シェフ特製チョコレートスフレ Pure chocolatey decadence from the inside out.  S$14.00 Espresso Bailey’s Souffle 赢得大奖的巧克力蛋奶酥 受賞チョコレートスフレを獲得 Gobi’s perfect blend of espresso with Baileys Irish Cream.  S$14.00 Pineapple Souffle 新加坡菠萝润肤霜 シンガポールパイナップルスフレ Pineapple enzyme soufflé is a great little dessert to cure your indigestion. S$14.00 PINK SOUFFLE 新加坡红龙果润肤霜 シンガポール赤いドラゴンフルーツのスフレ Gobi’s new creation is made…