Custom Cakes

Gobi has been producing awesome birthday cakes for our fans since 2004. Birthday cakes are very difficult to make not because of the technics but because of communication and coordination.  80% of the sweat comes from meeting customer expectation. Gobi’s strong suite is to make great tasting cakes using premium imported materials from halal vendors.  Gobi is Halal compliant.

Price Range

Lead Time

Popular orders:

Gourmet cakes with Deco & piping

77 Immediate

Gourmet cakes Sugar Print

77 3 hours    

1 tier cakes

150-220 3 days


5kg Rainbow cheesecake:

Dark chocolate cake:

3D Cakes

  • we handcraft everything
200-500 5 days


Lego cakes:




  • 4-6 per piece
  • minimum: 30 pieces
5 days


  • 4-6 per piece
  • minimum: 30 pieces
5 days

Red Velvet:



  • 2-4 per piece
  • minimum order: 80
5 days

Chopple (chocolate apple):

Cube Cheesecake:



6.35cm x 2.55cm

2.80 per piece Immediate


3cm x 3cm

7.70 per box Immediate

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