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In Cafes on November 14, 2010 at 11:00 am

I have fallen in love with Gobi. I do admit that it’s taken me this long to realize just how amazingly gorgeous the desserts are but I’m glad that I’ve rediscovered this gem and now am madly in love! Gobi is actually one of the pioneers of artisan gourmet desserts here in Singapore, as I remember having some of their pretty petit fours some fours year back, so I do blush to admit that Gobi’s not really been on my radar at all. That’s definitely changed though after a fab experience at Gobi last Friday and I told myself that I had to rave about this place on eatgazelove asap!

We stumbled across Gobi after dinner at Joo Hing and almost didn’t make it in as there were tubs of tao hway waiting for us at home. I was instantly drawn to the place and only hesitated going in as I didn’t have my lumee with me but Pak Law sensed my curiosity for the place so we sat ourselves down in this cozy shoplet and began to pour over the list of sweets. Everything, and I seriously mean everything, sounded extremely good. From the fancy Black Forest Torte and Creme Brulee Poire William to the classic Creme Caramel and Molten Chocolate Lava, it was honestly hard to decide what to have! The Black Forest Torte, Chocolate Igloo and Souffle were the first to catch my eye but with the kids in tow, the kirsch laced torte was a no go as was with the 15 minute wait on the souffle so we decided to indulge in the Passion Mango Stack, Chocolate Igloo and Creme Brulee. The Passion Mango Stack turned out to be an amazingly refreshing dessert. Imagine bitter sweet circles of orange crepe sandwiching layers of fresh passion fruit cream and mint infused meringues, topped with a tangy mixed berry compote and a dollop of mango ice cream. The combination of sweet, tart and tang were perfectly balanced and were truly augmented by the amazing textures of the fresh cream and crunch of the mint meringues. Very outstanding and the stack was without  a doubt, demolished in double quick time!

I was personally quite blown away by the innovation and creativity of Chef Khoon who managed to take the basic meringue, ganache and ice cream, think truly out of the box to create the chocolate igloo. This was a beautifully plated dessert made up of two hemispheres of crunchy chocolate meringue covered with caramelized almonds and then filled with decadently rich chocolate praline ganache before serving them with a side of vanilla ice cream. Think molten chocolate lava cake down meringue style with a huge dose of hazelnutty flavors. If you are fan of nutella and nuts like me, this is the dessert for you. The meringues were crisp, perfectly shaped and had a generous glaze of caramelized almonds coating its shell. Cracking the hemisphere revealed a wickedly rich river of  dark chocolate praline ganache that was absolutely to die for and the vanilla ice cream added the finishing touch by giving this chocolatey dessert a hint of vanilla bean.

The same vanilla flavors rang through in the classic creme brulee that G ordered. I was similarly impressed with Chef Khoon’s take on the creme brulee and loved the fact that he adopted a more cream based approach to the brulee resulting in a less eggy flavor. The winning bit for me was the fact that Chef Khoon made an amazingly thick layer of burnt sugar to top the brulee, one thing that I’ve found lacking in most brulees I’ve tried so far, and think that the caramel crunch definitely added texture and amazing dimension to this classic dessert.

I have definitely fallen in love and I do hope that Gobi would touch your hearts and tummies as much as it has mine! I’ll be heading there soon for more eating (they do serve up some yummy sounding food!), gazing (at the lovely desserts and cozy decor) and loving (the ‘disturbing delectable desserts’!) and I hope you will too!

ps: pictures were taken with my trusty iphone 3gs with some help from my adobe photoshop app.

Gobi . 350 Joo Chiat Road . (65) 6345 2127 .

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