Gobi’s Apple Crumble

What is the difference between an Apple Cobble, Apple Crispy Pie and Apple Crumble? Many of us are usually too busy spooning up the next bite to care what it’s called. These 3 rustic desserts that won’t win any beauty contests but OMG they taste so good. Cobbler, Crisp and Crumble are cooked the same way with the differences on the top layer. Cobblers uses biscuit topping on the apple mix. The biscuit is laid in small rounds, giving it the appearance of a cobbled road.

 Apple Cobble with biscuit mix topping.  Cobbler

Apple Crumbles and Apple crisps originated from England. They both contain fresh apples with streusel topping, baked until the fruit is cooked. The difference between the two is in the streusel toppings: crisps contains oats and crumbles do not.

 Apple Crisp with oat mix streusel  crisp

10 years ago Gobi chose to make the Apple Pie. The kitchen team was very aware that Asians generally love soft pastries. There’s a big difference between how Asians and Westerners eat their oats. Asian like their oats in Congee while Westerners tend to eat their oat raw. After several months of testing, the Gobi team settled on making a local version of the Apple Crumble.

 20150328_125  20150610_14

Gobi uses two types of Apple to give the Apple Crumble a sweet yet a tangy taste. The apples are cooked and mix with spices.


Gobi’s Apple Crumble has been featured on many magazines and TV series.

MediaCorp Channel 8 food variety show 超级小吃赞3 SNACK ATTACK 3. Ep 10 – 水果小吃


Check out Gobi’s Apple Cinnamon Tea: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=4497

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