FAQ on Gobi’s Fruit Enzyme

 1  Q:  Is there a guideline or prescription on consuming the Enzyme? 有准则或处方饮用酵素?
A:  There’s no prescription as enzyme is not medicine. As in drinking wine, everything in moderation. We have a consumption guideline, http://gobi.com.sg/?p=2305 没有处方,因为酶是不是药。喝酶适度。下面是一个简单的指南
 2 Q: I am diabetic, can I consume enzymes? 我是糖尿病,我可以消耗的酶?
A:  If you’re on insulin, or certain oral diabetes medications, such as a sulfonylurea (glipizide, glyburide) or meglitinide (Prandin) that stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, drinking alcohol can cause a dangerous low blood sugar because your liver has to work to remove the alcohol from your blood instead of of its main job to regulate your blood sugar. 如果你对胰岛素或某些口服降糖药物,如磺脲类(格列吡嗪,格列本脲)或格列奈(Prandin),刺激胰腺产生更多的胰岛素,饮酒会导致危险的低血糖,因为你的肝脏已经努力从它的主要工作你的血液,而不是除去醇来调节血糖。
3. Q: Can Enzyme cure cancer? 能否治愈 – 酶癌症?
A: No but there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that it can help prevent and fight cancer. Enzymes contains high concentration of antioxidant that help bind radicals that play a role in cancer development. See the website cancer.gov 没有,但有大量的证据表明,它可以帮助预防和治疗癌症。酶含有高浓度的抗氧化剂,有助于绑定自由基,在癌症发展中的作用。
4. Q: How do I store an unopened enzyme? 如何存放未开封的酶?
A: Enzymes benefit from aging. Most enzymes are best enjoyed within a few months of release. Store your enzyme in your fridge. Temperatures higher than 70° F / 21° C will destroy enzymes. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F / 7.2 ° C and 65° F / 18 ° F. Keeping enzymes in your household refrigerator is fine for up to 8 weeks but it’s good for the longer term. The average fridge temp falls well below 45° F to safely store perishable foods, and the lack of moisture could eventually dry out corks, which might allow air to seep into the bottles and oxidize the enzyme. Store your enzyme away from sunlight. The sun’s UV rays will degrade and prematurely age your enzyme. Enzymes should be stored at an ideal humidity level of not more than 80 percent as it will promote mold. This won’t affect a properly sealed enzyme, but can damage the labels. Stored your bottle on their sides in order to keep the liquid up against the cork which prevents the cork from drying out. 放入冰箱
5. Q: How do I store an opened enzyme bottle? 我如何保存打开的酶瓶?
A: Refrigerate It. The cool temp can’t stop exposed enzyme from breaking down, but it can slow the process significantly. 冷藏它。凉爽的温度不能打破停止外露酶,但它可以显著缓慢的过程。


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