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No matter how big or small your cafe is, having the best cakes in your cake display is of the utmost importance. Gobi specializes in making your cake display look good and taste awesome. Gobi makes five types of pastries:

Chocolate Universe CU We love to chocolate and we have four types of pure chocolate in our shop to play with.
NY Cheesecake NY We have eight types of different cream cheese to play with and we use our own blend of cheese a component of which is Mascaporne. Our cheesecake is light and is very low in sugar.
Fruits & Nuts FNS We use fresh vegetables, fruits, high quality nuts and spices to make one of the FNS cakes in Singapore.
Enzyme & Premium EP Gobi produces high quality enzymes which goes into our desserts and cakes. Enzymes are essential for the body’s functions. 
Macaroon & Petites MP We hand make all our Petites and Macaroons. For more information click here for Macaroons and here for Petites.
Chef Series CS Special cakes that are made during special seasons or by request from customers.


Name Description CU NYC FNS EP MP CS
Lemon Apple Cake A hearty cake perfect for high tea with Lemon Apple topped with Almonds.  FNS
20150610_05 Flaming Raspberry

 9 layer cake.

A sandwich of White chocolate ganache, light genoise, raspberry extract.

20150610_06 Carrot Walnut

5 layer cake

A wholesome cake of carrots and walnuts, topped with cream cheese frosting

20150610_07 Red Velvet

8 layer cake.

Ruby colored red velvet cake made with beet root heavenly creamy rich frosting.

20150610_08 Matcha Azuki

 8 layer cake.

Probably one of the best Green Tea and Red Bean (Matcha and Azuki) Cake in Singapore. It’s is super light and fluffy and absolutely delicious, as yours looks!

20150610_09 Strawberry Shortcake This old fashioned strawberry shortcake  layered with sweet strawberries, very light genoise and Gobi’s award winning cream. FNS
20160207_010 Rainbow Cheesecake Adapted from the vegetarian eggless cake, the Yokeless.  N
20160505_201 Strawberry Cheesecake

Part of the Berrylicious Cheesecake family.


20160505_202 Blueberry Cheesecake N
20150610_10 Crumbletop cheesecake

3 layers.

Crumble top cookie on a bed of Melt-in-your-mouth, decadently delicious Gobi’s special blend of cheese ganache

20150610_11 Oreo Cheesecake

3 layers.

Crushed Oreo Cookes mix with Gobi’s special blend cheese ganache.

20150610_13 Yokeless cheesecake

3 layer cake.

This vegetarian special contains no egg. The Yokeless cheesecake is one of the favorites with our Japanese customers.

20150610_17 Chocolate Cheesecake

3 layer cake.

A thick layer of melted chocolate cream covering an incredible tasting cheesecake.

20150610_19 Double Fudge  5 layer cake. C
20150610_21 Chocolate Therapy

 9 layer cake

9 layered crunchy praline, dark chocolate sponge.

   Molten Ruby Lava Cake  Molten Strawberry Lava Cake  FNS
20150610_24 Chocolate Lava Cake

 3 layer cake.

Click here to learn about Gobi’s 3rd generation Lava Cake.

20150610_23 Walnut Brownie

3 layer cake.

6cmx9.7cm rectangle.

Per Box 20 pieces.

Per Tray 40 pcs.

A perennial American favourite. Rich and moist with generous chunks of chocolate and walnuts.

 20150610_44a Nutty Chocolate cheesecake

 4 layer cake.

Click here to read about this unique cake.

20150610_45 Velvet Fae

4 layer cake.

Click here to read about this incredibly creamy Mini red velvet cake.

TiramisuCup_01 Coffee Tiramisu

5 layers.

An Italian dessert with coffee and liquor-soaked layers of sponge cake alternating with mascarpone cheese and chocolate

 C  E
20150803_134 Macha Tiramisu

5 layers.

An Italian dessert with a Japanese twist.

Strawberry Raspberry Pannacotta Velvety pannacotta topped with Raspberry, apples, strawberry and almonds FNS CS
Peach Pannacotta Pannacotta with orange peach topping. FNS CS
Macha Pannacotta A special blend of macha pannacotta topped with Kiwi and Macha. Tangy, sweet, velvety and smooth to the taste buds. FNS CS
20150620_17 Macaroons  Click here for  description M
20150630_061 Chocolate Petites Click here for descriptions C M
20150703_002a Poire William Creme Brulee Click here to learn why Mediacorp awarded the Poire William as a 5 star dessert. F E
20150703_001 Creme Brulee Click here to learn why Mediacorp awarded the Gobi’s Creme Brulee as a 5 star dessert. E


For Whole Cake menu: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=566  


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