10 or 12 slices?


Gobi Singapore has sliced thousands of cakes over 10 years. And we still do this by hand.

We use a 10 or 12 slice divider:

20150714_095 20150714_096 20150714_094

Gobi’s cakes weigh in at 1.3-2.5kg, 9-10″ in diameter, height of 2-3 inch. The cakes are are café standard cakes and are quite substantial.

 Carrot Walnut Red Velvet Macha


A super heavy 2.23 KG


A whopping 2.12 KG

20150803_1321.36 Kg for our lightest and airiest cake.
Apple Crumble


Very heavy for a pie. 1.3 KG of pure rustic taste.

At 10 slice, each slice weighs in at 130-250gm. That is a very huge slice even by Western standard. At 12 slices, each slice is 108-208gm which more than satisfies our Asian appetite without any wastage.

Height 2.5 – 3.5 inch depending on the cake Diameter 8.5-9 inch depending on the cake.


You may be wondering why is it that Gobi’s cake is super heavy. The answer is simple. Quality ingredients measure up. Sponge cakes are very light and to make the weight they have to pile it up and make it look big. In Gobi, we don’t have to make it big. It’s just heavy and substantial.


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