Chef Jonathan debuts the Seasalt Chocolate and Peanut Butter Minaret

Chef Jonathan produces two stunning cakes for autumn:
the Seasalt Chocolate and Peanut Butter Minaret.









This entry into Gobi’s impeccable menu is deconstruction of a childhood favorite, 咸酸甜丰满. This perennial favorite is every Singaporean child’s favorite. The SeaSalt Chocolate cake is a 8 layer cake of sponge, chocolate ganache and an outer layer of pure chocolate with seasalt. This seasalt and chocolate heaven gives an incredible rush of taste.

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 Every kid loves peanut butter. Coupled with chocolate shaving, Chef Jonathan Peanut butter minaret just made every kid’s day. This incredible 10 layer cake taste amazingly delicious. The super light sponge balances out the peanut butter mousse.



Read all about the seasalt chocolate’s twin sorbet sister here,


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