The Heart of Birthdays.

Gobi has been producing awesome birthday cakes for our fans since 2005. Birthday cakes are very difficult to make not because of the technics but because of communication and coordination.  80% of the sweat comes from meeting customer expectation. Gobi’s strong suite is to make great tasting cakes using premium imported materials from halal vendors.  Gobi is Halal compliant.

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Cars chocolate birthday cake




Gobi does a lot of sexy cakes also. Unfortunately most we can’t show here especially the lovely “50 shades of grey” cake that just made. Our cakes are completely edible. We don’t use thick fondant covers that can’t be eaten.


고비섹시 케이크를 많이한다. 불행하게도 대부분의 우리는 여기에 특히 방금 만든 SM, BD 케이크 사랑스러운 회색50 음영“를 표시 할 수 없습니다.
우리의 케이크완전히 식용. 우리는 먹을 수없는 두꺼운 퐁당 커버를 사용하지 마십시오. 우리는 폐기물을 생각합니다.

A delicious chocolate Lego cake for Lego Singapore. Congratulations on your success.



 Bat mobile becomes a cake.





Chef Jonathan, Gobi’s Pastry master craftsman, makes one of the most delicious and awesome looking cakes this side of the planet. Superman vs Batman now takes a new Lego twist. Batman has a beautiful batmobile and he can eat it too.

20160313_021 20160313_023

A delicious and beautiful Camouflage cake for Elijah. The animals are camouflaged


When you view sideways, you’ll see some animals are standing.20161023_205

Star Wars theme cake comes in Chocolate or Vanilla.



Happy birthday. May the force be with you.

 Themed vanilla and chocolate cake to tempt your palate.




 Captain America loves you Raphael. Here’s a beautiful chocolate cake for you.



Arigato Arisu Sensei and congratulations to your Dojo.


A hot cake for a Frozen fan.


Moist vanilla sponge with butter cream.

Chocolate cake


Simple yet elegant.



A delicious chocolate Pororo theme cake for Aaliyah. Happy birthday luv.

 This delicious soft vanilla cake on the inside with dark chocolate finish on the outside. Velvet love on the inside and rich personality on the outside. A stylish and beautiful cake for a beautiful special person.


Happy birthday Yvonne. May all your wishes come true.


 A beautiful two tier chocolate theme cake for a special girl.

Snow white’s satin white chocolate bed with double chocolate chip inside. 20160305_233


Don’t say that Chef Jonathan doesn’t have a sense of humor. He  created a beautiful decadent chocolate cake, dark double chocolate chip cake inside, lovingly layered with white Swiss chocolate for Chef Sady. The cake titled, “Laze in Bed all day for your Birthday,” is as beautiful to look at as it is as delicious to eat.



유머 감각과 요나단에게 예술가 요리사. 그는 흰색 스위스 초콜릿 계층 아름다운 퇴폐 초콜릿 케이크, 진한 더블 초콜릿 칩 케이크를 구운. 제목 케이크, “당신의 생일을 위해 하루 종일 침대에 게으름 피우다,”먹기로 맛으로 보는 것이 아름다운 것입니다.



A Beautiful Peach cake for an awesome person.



Reaching 90 years old a an incredible milestone. All of in Gobi is so honored to be chosen to make a cake that expresses an achievement so hard to reach yet a beauty and fighting spirit that make us all human.

Strawberry Shortcake




 An elegant strawberry shortcake to celebrate a special 90th birthday. Fresh strawberries for someone special. Our kitchen team use fresh fruit and laid down 3 layers of strawberries, each layer 90 strawberry slices.



우아한 딸기 쇼트 케이크특별한 90 번째 생일을 축하합니다. 특별한 사람을위한 신선한 딸기. 우리의 부엌 팀은 신선한 과일을 사용하고 딸기3 , 층 (90) 딸기 조각놓았다.


20160614_027 20160614_032

We love making strawberry shortcake that is as low in sugar as possible.


Each strawberry shortcake is unique and different than the previous ones we have make. We make everything by hand with tweaks to the recipe to lower the sugar level and improving the taste. This means we have to be in Pasir Panjang Wholesale market before 8:00 am and get ready to make by the cake by noon. There’s a tremendous of planning, engineering and pastry artistry in making the perfect strawberry shortcake.

20151128_124 The Strawberry Shortcake remains the #1 favorite. We made so many strawberry shortcakes over the years that we have lost count. All we remember is that we won an award many years ago as having the best strawberry shortcake in Singapore. Unfortunately none of our chefs kept the certificate. We do remember that every strawberry shortcake is special and must be made with love and care.

What do you give a Chocolaholic who has almost every type of chocolate?


How about the only 9 layer chocolate cake in Singapore? The Chocolate therapy is a decadent 9 layer cake with 100% Belgium Chocolate coating on the outside, sandwiched by pralines. The insides contains different layers of chocolate ganache.

20150829_269 20150829_274   20150829_282 20150829_283

Happy Birthday Victoria


Victoria is one lucky girl. Her parents love her so much. We know the precocious Victoria love chocolate. Her parents ask Gobi to make her a lovely chocolate cake. We wanted something special. Gobi’s kitchen team made a one of kind blend of fudge brownie cake. This is the same blend that made Gobi little fantasy series so famous. It took a lot of effort but to make a little girl’s 1st birthday unique. We went the distance. Everything on the cake is edible made out of our own blend of cream cheese with mascaporne.


 Cup cakes for Lou. 


 Two beautiful young ladies wanted a wonderful gift for their father and we had to make it within budget.

To find our more about our customized cupcakes:

 Chocolate Petites are more than full month (满月)gifts or wedding favors. We use them to make very sophisticated theme birthday themes. The heart of the Chocolate petite is a special type of chocolate fudge which we use to serve as another product called, Dark Angel. We coat the petite with pure chocolate imported from Belgium, Switzerland and France.


More on chocolate petite:


This cake contains no fondant. The heart of the cake is Chocolate fudge, with special mixture of cream cheese and oreo cookies.


Starwars BB8 Droid Stawberry Shortcake. (3kg) ~S$350.00


Chocolate Cake (~2kg) S$200.00



Strawberry Shortcake (1kg) ~$150.00



20151203_002 20151203_020 20151203_021

This Red Velvet F1 cake is an expensive cake and took almost two man days. The customer came from Bricks N Cubes and we gave her a significant discount. The retail value of the cake was S$420.00.

There were some mistakes in this cake. The first was that the inside was suppose to be a double fudge and the second is that the team forgot to legolized the F1. The lady who bought the cake for his son, finished eating the cake and walked away without paying. Bricks N Cubes culinary director ended up paying for the cake out from his own pocket after slaving away making sure that party of 12 had the best food to celebrate the boy’s birthday. The Gobi and Bricks team was speechless. There are ugly Singaporeans and it is a sad day that we encountered another one. At least they are few and far in between.

It was an expensive mistake.

For the lady who ate the cake and took what wasn’t hers, it was obvious that there was no halfway or compromise. She demonstrated an ugly part of humanity that has no place in Gobi. After we make cakes that remind people of love, forgiveness and sacrifice. We wish her well. We are glad that she enjoyed our cake. All we can do is try better the next time. We did put all our heart and effort into making a cake that she said was beautiful.

The cake was made without Fondant. It’s using cake, cream cheese, fruit extract and a lot of skills and patience.

A beautifully crafted chocolate cake for a special girl.


An awesome Starwars Lego Cake for Seth


The inside of the cake is a custom made brownie fudge cake which is not available commercially. This is the cake we use to make the Spiral which made the Burpple chief taster smile.

蛋糕是定制布朗尼忽悠。在Burpple首席品酒师都称赞这个特殊的味道。ケーキは、カスタムブラウニーファッジとしました。 Burppleチーフテイスターは、この特別の味を賞賛していました。케이크사용자 정의 브라우니 초콜릿한다.Burpple 수석 감별사이 특별한 맛을 칭찬했다.


Gobi’s Matcha cake


20151128_085 20151128_114 20151128_053

Gobi has one of the best Matcha cake in Singapore. Here’s the reason:

The Matcha cake has almost no sugar in it and it’s a perennial favorite for diabetics. The green tea also lowers cholesterol. In Gobi we prove that things that is good for you can taste phenomenal.


シンガポールの最高の緑茶ケーキのゴビ1。ます。 P=430ここではなぜですか?

싱가포르 최고의 녹차 케이크 중 하나를 고비. HTTP : // P = 430 여기에 왜?
녹차 케이크는 거의 설탕이 당뇨병의 다년생 좋아하는 없습니다. 녹차는 또한 낮은 콜레스테롤을 할 수 있습니다. 고비 사막에서 뭔가 좋은 증명, 당신은 놀라운 맛볼 수 있습니다.


A Flaming Raspberry for a very special person.



 The flaming raspberry covered in white Swiss Chocolate ganache with raspberry heart in the centre symbolizes love (red raspberry centre = love) and sincerity (pure white chocolate=sincerity = pureness of intention).

A raspberry white chocolate birthday for Chris.


 A beautifully crafted Raspberry Chocolate (Flaming Raspberry) for Chris. Total weight 4kg. We don’t use fondant icing as we find that it is inedible. We use cream cheese instead which makes the whole cake incredibly tasty.

The base of the cake is the Flaming Raspberry made of light White Chocolate Mousse, raspberry extract and chunky raspberry coulis.


This cake is technically challenging as the base of the cake is so soft. The Master Chefs took on the challenge and made this so delicious cake without the use of any icing fondant.

A cowboy’s dream



 A café booked the cake on behalf of Daryl. We never got a chance to speak to the customer directly. We listened, asked, listened and Chef Jonathan crafted an amazing cake. The Café told us Daryl was awestruck and absolutely loved the cake. We would have loved to see Daryl’s expression.



We made a massive 7 Kg Tiramisu cake for a restaurant’s 25th anniversary. This is a famous restaurant which we shall not name but they wanted a special cake to remember this incredible milestone. Not many big and famous restaurants ever reach this milestone.



고비 사막 싱가포르는 유명한 케이크 제조 업체입니다. 그것은 또 다른 큰 유명한 레스토랑 25 주년에 대한 대규모 7kg 티라미수 케이크를 구운. 아니 많은 크고 유명한 레스토랑이제까지 사업의 25 년에 도달합니다. 유명한 레스토랑이 놀라운 업적을 기억 우리에게 케이크를 원했다.

20150523_068 20150523_076

 The talented kitchen team in Gobi made a stately elegant cake as per customer requested. Not too sweet, fluffy and fruity.



고비에서 재능있는 부엌 팀은 요청 고객에 따라 기품있는 우아한 케이크를 만들었다. 너무 달콤한하지, 솜털과일.



A special cake for a dear friend and a colleague.


Mr.Lim is a friend and a dear colleague of ours in Gobi. He thought we forgot his birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Lim. We know you are allergic to milk so we made you a special Strawberry Shortcake which you like so much.




Happy Birthday to a very special lady. May all your wishes come true. Chef Jonathan took a long time to plan out this special cake. The cake goes to a diabetic.20160527_033

Since Gobi has already a Zero Sugar Roadmap, Chef used our previous recipes to whip a cake that has less than 10% processed sugar. Pure chocolate is naturally sweet. By using high quality chocolate, cheese (vegetarian where rennet is vegetable base), the cake is low in sugar, so velvety soft and amazingly scrumptious.



A father’s love


We are so privilege in this business as we get to witness the best part of being human, love. Our customer called us and wanted a simple but a delicious carrot walnut cake for his son. They don’t want any artificial flavors, coloring. After searching the whole island, they found us. We baked this special cake with the love Anand’s father bestowed upon his son.

 Happy Birthday YiLun


No cakes is too big or too small. The team cares enough to make every cake count. The Choco Troll is part of Gobi’s Fantasy Series cake that is designed for children. This 660 gm / 6.6 in cake turned out to be very popular with adults as well. It’s almond center is such a draw that once you start eating it you can’t stop.

Happy birthday Steve.


This cake came from the heart of a girl that loved her man. This double fudge is 9 layers of chocolate that satisfied Steve’s love for pure chocolate.

Romance is still alive and well in Singapore.


 This is one of the sweetest and most romantic person ever. He travelled far and ordered this beautiful double chocolate fudge for his Princess.

A Vegetarian treat for an amazing person.


 The Yokeless cheesecake is has no egg. This signature Gobi cake uses only sugar, cream cheese and the best craftsmen to make this perfection.

A filial daughter’s love for her mother.

We are so glad to be a the choice of a
very filial daughter’s gift to her mother.
She chose Gobi because she has had our cakes
before. She also spent time researching different
patisseries online to fit her budget and taste.
When we corresponded with our customer,
we didn’t know she was only 12 until she showed up
with her Dad to collect her cake.
Her emails were so well thought out that we thought
we were corresponding with someone her mid-30’s.
She knew that Gobi is a premier cake house
which meant that our cakes are not cheap.
She spent her entire year’s savings
on this incredible 10 layer double fudge cake.
You can find  her postings on Facebook.
We are very moved and humbled to be chosen
amongst all the patisseries.
Of course, we gave her a good discount and
rebates. We are also glad that the cake not
only moved hearts but taste incredible befitting a
filial daughter’s incredible deed.






オンラインパティスリー。私たちはと一致し た場合には

A mother’s love for her Son

This particular customer is an incredible mother who loved her son so much that she went to a lot of effort to make
her son’s birthday the best ever. The birthday cake is for a party of 88 Pax Birthday party held Bricks N Cubes a lego themed café in the old Cathay cinema.




一个令人难以置信的母亲谁爱她的儿子这么多购买昂贵的蛋糕,让她儿子的生日有史以来最好的。生日蛋糕是在砖ñ立方体,在旧国泰电影院乐高为主题的咖啡厅举行了88人。 彼女の息子のために母の愛


A wife’s love.

One of our church mate wanted a cake that suited her husband’s finicky taste. She dropped by Gobi after church. Being a busy professional, she didn’t really have time to shop. She wanted a cake that will make her husband smile. Her husband also a very busy entrepreneur splits his time between doing God’s work and running a successful software firm.







20151011_061 Happy Birthday Elise. The Velvet Fae is a cute little mini-red velvet specially designed to make the celebration for 4-6 persons.

For Patrons of Bricks N Cubes, a beautiful Lego cake. This cake weights a whopping 1.5kg with rainbow cake side and the bricks is made out of fruit extracts.




レンガNキューブ、美しいレゴケーキのパトロンのために。このケーキの重虹ケーキ側となんと1.5キロレンガは果実抽出物から作られる。벽돌 N 큐브, 아름다운 레고 케이크의 후원자. 케이크 무게 무지개 케이크무려 1.5kg의벽돌과일 추출물에서 이루어집니다.

 This is a whopping 1.9kg Lego cake. The inside of the cake is chocolate cheesecake. It took about 2 days to construct this delicious cakes. The bricks is made of fruit extracts.





무려 1.9kg에 레고 케이크입니다.케이크의 내부는 초콜릿 치즈 케이크입니다. 그것은이 맛있는 케이크만드는 데 약 2 일했다.브릭 과일 추출물로 제조된다.

The making of BUGS’ Lego Cake. BUGS is Singapore’s largest Lego collector’s group.

A concept sketched on a napkin.

20150207_006 20150207_007

Discussion with Chef Jonathan


A day later




 We can translate your design and make it into a beautiful cake for any celebration.



우리는 당신의 디자인번역 할 수 있으며 모든 행사에 아름다운 케이크합니다.



 We bake amazing corporate cakes as well. Our cake is 100% edible and every part is delicious. You throw away nothing and enjoy everything.



우리는 회사의 이벤트에 대한 맛있는 케이크굽는다. 우리의 케이크100 % 다른 어떤 빵 굽는 그렇게 열심히 그것을 먹을 수없는 피부를 만들어 먹을 수있다. 우리는이 작업을 수행하지 않습니다. 당신은 아무 것도 버리지 모든 것을 즐길 수 있습니다.




 A special Lego cake for a 6 year old.



6 를위한 특별한 레고 케이크.



 A red velvet with a delicious butter cream piping. We don’t cover our cakes with thick fondant which is commonly practiced in Singapore. The fondant beautifies the cake but makes it heavy and inedible. We want our customer to savor the cake from the outside all the way to the inside.



맛있는 버터 크림 배관과 빨간 벨벳. 우리는 일반적으로 싱가포르에서 실시되는 두꺼운 퐁당 우리의 케이크포함하지 않습니다.퐁당 케이크아름답게하지만 무거운 먹기 좋은하지 있습니다. 우리는 우리의 고객이 내부로 외부의 모든 방법에서 케이크를 만끽하고 싶다. 그런 식으로 당신은 모든 소중한 순간을 기억한다.


 A very simple but elegant Wedding cake. Everything is edible even the right.



매우 단순하지만 우아한 웨딩 케이크. 모든 심지어 오른쪽 식용이다.



 Fo StrawberryShortcake_Customized_02a

 We have made so many special cakes for companies. This is another strawberry shortcake. 3 layers of strawberries with 50 slices per layer.

我们已经为企业取得了如此多的特殊的蛋糕。这又是一个草莓。 3层草莓,每层50片


우리는 회사를 위해 많은 특별한 케이크만들었습니다. 이것은 또 다른 딸기 케익입니다. 레이어 당 50 조각 딸기의 3 .

Gobi’s Double Fudge for a very special woman.


 Cindy will tell you otherwise but most of her friends thinks that she’s the most beautiful and elegant girl in Singapore. Her friends bought her this amazing double fudge cake. The Double Fudge is a 7 layer cake of pure chocolate fun. 辛迪会告诉你,否则,但她的大部分朋友认为她是最美丽,最优雅的女孩在新加坡。她的朋友给她买了这个惊人的双软饼。双忽悠是纯巧克力乐趣7层蛋糕。シンディは、そうでない場合を教えてくれますが、彼女の友人のほとんどは、彼女がシンガポールで最も美しくエレガントな女の子だと思っています。彼女の友人は彼女にこの驚くべきダブルファッジケーキを買いました。ダブルファッジは、純粋なチョコレートの楽しみの7層のケーキです。신디 그렇지 않으면 당신을 말할 것이다하지만 그녀의 친구의 대부분은 그녀가 싱가포르에서 가장 아름답고 우아한 여자의 생각한다. 그녀의 친구들은 그녀에게이 놀라운 더블 초콜릿 케이크를 샀다.더블 초콜릿 순수 초콜릿 재미의 7 레이어 케이크입니다.

An enzyme cake for friends in Bethesda.


Thank you for your support. We are so glad you enjoyed the Enzyme cake.

Happy Birthday PastorIMG_6056


This beautiful 5kg cake is made entirely of sponge, cream cheese, cookies and chocolate. Gobi pastry team do not use Fondant for our cakes.


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  1. Please quote the below. Need on 6th june .

    For cake:
    – dark blue (like in d pic)
    – red n gold balls all around it
    – numeric one stick
    – stick stars (red, blue, yellow)
    – teddy bear
    – tigger
    – bee
    – toy car
    – mickey mouse
    – name on blocks
    – happy birthday word on cake board


    I also require door gift cookies for 120pcs with my own design.

    Apart from this i require one number one numeric cake on 4th june. Can give me design.

    If cake and price good. Will require one on 3oth june also.

  2. I’m interested in the 1.9kg Lego cake with bricks (made of fruit extracts).
    How much is the cake? How many days in advance must I place an order? I need the birthday cake on 12 June, friday.

  3. Hi Gobi,

    Interested in Lego round shape cake, how much is it and what are the choices of favour of the cake.
    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Hi, I’m interested in the 2 Lego cakes for a kids birthday party on 29/1.

    The cakes are gluten free yea?

    Can I chk the respective price pls?

    How advance must I order for collection on 29/1?


    1. Good morning, Geline. Yes all our cakes are gluten free, trans-fat free. Please do refer to food philosophy,, “Gobi Singapore is Halal compliant. It’s charter to create food that has NO artificial flavoring, NO coloring, NO gluten or NO trans fat.”
      Can you please provide us a phone number? One of our kitchen team will call you. For 29th Jan, 23rd Jan is the deadline.
      Kind regards, Web Admin.

    1. Good morning, Pearlynn. We make cakes ranging from 700gm to 20kg. 2kg is not a problem. Yes, we can make a BB8 droid cake that is 2kg. Do give us a ring at 63452127 or just email us your mobile and we’ll have our chef call you. Kind regards, Web Admin

  5. Hello,

    I would like to know how much would a 1.5 – 1.8kg Star Wars Miniatures Lego cake (similar to the one on your website) would cost?

    I was asked to Email you guys but can’t seem to find an email address anywhere. You can liase with me via email with the address I have provided.


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