What do you give a Chocolaholic who has almost every type of chocolate?

How about the only 9 layer chocolate cake in Singapore? The Chocolate therapy is a decadent 9 layer cake with 100% Belgium Chocolate coating on the outside, sandwiched by pralines. The insides contains different layers of chocolate ganache. Chef Jonathan and his team made this massive slab of Chocolate Therapy weighing a massive 5kg.




20150829_283 20150829_274
ChocTherapy_202 20141030_007


Some history of the Chocolate Therapy.

Circa 1930’s

Chocolate therapy cookie.

Gooey chocolate center.

Circa 1950’s

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate therapy Ice Cream.

Circa 1960’s

First generation Chocolate Therapy cake.

Mostly sponge and 3 layers.

Circa 1970’s

Chocolate Therapy becomes a household favorite.

Still sponge base but 6 layers.

Circa 1980’s

The Chocolate therapy Donut

 Circa 1990’s

Chocolate Therapy cupcake.


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