Star Wars BB8 Droid Birthday cake

Mr.Feroz: “Thank you for the delicious and awesome cakes! My boys loved it! 🙂 

The request


Customer is diabetic and cannot eat too sweet.

We chose our strawberry shortcake. More fruit and less sugar.


Two Mold to make the BB8 Droid


Go to the market and get fresh strawberries20160130_015
Make the sponge. Little to no sugar. 20160130_012

Lay the fresh strawberry



Let the cake set for 24 hours.20160130_016

Engage artist to come in and produce the sugar print.

Blue = Blueberry & Orange Flavor print.


Fuse the two cakes together. 20160130_071

Lay the sugar print.


Make a super thin sugar glass for a nice sheen.


Lay Sugar glass on the print and let it set.


Finished product. A lovely BB8 Droid cake.




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  1. i’ll like to request for a star wars themed cake – can you let me know your charges? need it for 7th May – cater for 30-40 pax.

    the BB8 droid looks cool – any other designs? Has to be halal certified please.

    1. Good afternoon, Mark. Children portion for each pax is 80gm to 120gm with no second helpings. This works out to be between 3.2 kg to 4.8 kg. We custom make your cakes. Some samples of our past designs can be found here,
      We don’t use fondant in our cakes. On the same token, our shop don’t serve lard, transfat or anything that is porcine. All our suppliers are halal. Kind regards, Web Admin.

  2. hi would like to check if is possible to make a 1 kg BB8 cake?
    my gal loves BB8 and would like to surprise her with this cake but 3kg cake is too big for us to finish it. we will need it on 15th Apr. Do you have delivery service?
    Also can we change the flavour? My gal is not a strawberry cake lover; possible to have it in chocolate flavour?
    thanks and rgds

    1. Dear Shirley, yes we do make BB8 cake. Can you please provide us your contact? I’ll get our kitchen coordinator to call you. Kind regards, Web Admin

  3. Hello

    We require a Starwars BB8 cake for my son’s 10th birthday on 17th Sep. Is it possible to make a 1.5kg cake? How much will it cost?

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