Gobi Premiers the Banana Tea

Gobi embarks on making banana so tasty that it’s totally drinkable. Finally after our R&D, we premier the Banana Tea.

20160214_02 The Banana is a blend of citrus, banana peel and spices baked to golden brown over a week in our oven.
20160214_03 The Banana Tea is filled with contain carotenoids, in particular the xanthophyll lutein, which is an antioxidant known to protect against oxidative stress in the eyes.

First pot:

Banana taste is subtle with the citrus and spice dominating the palate.



2nd Pot: The Banana now starts to unfurl it’s full taste. 20160214_01
3rd pot: The Banana taste is now the star of the palate. The tea now is intense and dark gold. 20160214_21


The skins of most fruits and vegetables contain the richest sources of vitamins  and minerals as they are affected by the light during growth, acting to absorb the light and protect the fruit. Banana peel is not just a timeless comedy prop, it’s an overlooked nutritional goldmine. Do you know that you can actually eat all your banana, from the flesh inside to the very last piece of skin? The thought of chomping down on the tough, yellow skin may be off-putting, but it’s worth it: the skin is full of even more of the good stuff that banana flesh contains, like potassium, magnesium and fibre. Plus it’s jam-packed with tryptophan, which is key in creating serotonin – the chemical that can help alleviate depression and assist with healthy sleep. The banana skins also contain dietary fibre which can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. B

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