Gobi’s High Tea Set @13.90

Gobi’s launches it’s High Tea Set in collaboration with Suzanne Leong (previously from Makarios). The idea is to have a High Tea Set for a lazy afternoon where you can have scones, sandwiches, pastries with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Gobi has been making it’s gourmet tea for the last one year which has been well received by its customers.

20160304_001 20160305_266  20160305_1411
Gobi premiers the Apple Cinnamon Tea 20160304_003  20160305_254
 20160305_273 Gobi Premiers the Banana Tea 20160304_002
20160305_268 20160305_277 20160305_174
20160305_283 20160305_242 20160305_247
20160305_256 The Chefs behind the food: 20160305_0163






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