Gobi premiers the Dragon Xan tea

Dragon Xan(thone) tea is a mixture of melons and dragon fruit. Highest xanthone fruit. Superfruit. Not All Fruits Are Created Equal: Superfruit: Dragon Fruit has a floral tropical taste is Rich in xanthones, rare and powerful antioxidants. Benefit: Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and body balancing properties. Profile: Native to SE Asia, contains a broad spectrum of xanthones and has been an important part of traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Rethink juice. This superfruit tea has Xanthones: 50 mg, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Phytoalbumins. Be amazed. That’s the only possible reaction to superfruits, the core of our quest to redefine juice. More vitality. More life force. Essential nutrition missing in most juices. We went to remote mountains and rainforests and brought back a belief that juice can do more.

20160312_031 20160312_032

Gobi’s newest edition the Dragon Fruit Xanthone tea or Dragon Xan for short.



Each successive pot the tea gets darker.

From left to right:

1st pot, 2nd pot, 3rd pot, 4th pot

The fourth pot is the best with a evenly blend of melon and dragon fruit flavors.



Pouring the third pot.

Nice and golden with very nice mix of

dragon fruit and water melon taste.

20160312_019 20160312_020  The first pot has a very light color with subdued melon and stronger dragon fruit undertone.
 20160312_015  2 days ago the tea was blended. It takes about 30 days to bake the fruit skins to perfection.
20160312_012 4 days ago the fruit skin are finally beginning to age perfectly.





30 Days ago, the actual dragon fruit skin, water melon skin, orange, lemon skin peeled, washed and ready to be baked.

5 reasons why we produce so much fruit skins.

Reason #1: Fruit enzyme

20160305_0301 20160305_089
20160305_090  20160305_236


Reason #2: our own sorbet

The Melon Sorbet


Seasalt banana20150905_022

the BAO (Banana Apple Orange)


Pineapple Melon Sorbet20160306_004


Reason #3: We use quite a number of fruits for our pastry. This is one of biggest trade secret of making our pastry outstanding.


Rainbow Cheesecake


Matcha and Red Velvet




 Reason #3: our Fruit based desserts


White Poire William


Crimson Poire william


We use a lot of fruits for our plating.






The dark and white Chopple

Pink Souffle


 Chocolate Lava20160305_9690



Reason #4: We use a lot of fruits in our ala carte breakfast menu

20160305_204 20160307_254
20160307_196 20160307_223



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