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Every now and then our fans surface an old foodie blog. We closed Suntec down due to lack of manpower and a couple of missed turns in our management decisions. Gobi is still going strong in its Joo Chiat central kitchen after 6 years rebuilding back the basics that made Gobi great.


Gobi @ Suntec

GOBI, known for their petite desserts, have finally opened an outlet in Suntec City. Apart from the regular cakes, macarons and petite creations, this branch has released its very own savoury menu and in-house desserts.


Unlike the white finish in GOBI @ The Central, this place is classy in its layout and the addition of mirrors provide a comtemporary feel. The wooden panels on its wall, the choice of vintage tables and chairs provides a beautiful setting for a nice weekend dinner or a hangout for chill-out. Together with the painted glass decors on the ceiling, the entire set-up of the place somehow conveys the founder’s idea of providing something exquisite and visually appealing to her customers.


As mentioned previously, this branch offers in-house desserts and the selection ranges from the regular soufflé, crème brulée, pancake , ice-cream, panna cotta, chocolate lava cake etc. The pricing is reasonable, given its location and presentation. Frankly speaking, this dessert menu is so appealing that I got to resort to eliminating my extra choices.

White Sesame Panna Cotta

Recommended by the staff to those who prefer desserts that are light, the white sesame panna cotta ($9++) is very unique. The initial bite is a regular sweet Italian cream but the lingering aftertaste is something very memorable. The fragrance from the white sesame. Served with vanilla ice-cream and profiteroles, the entire combination is light but green syrup may be sweet to some people’s liking. Just based on how fast we finish this dessert, I will not hesitate to pop by GOBI for their other in-house desserts, particularly the Chocolate Igloo.

Strawberry Shortcake @ Gobi

Described to have a perfect blend of hi-soft genoise layered with cream chantilly and fresh strawberries, I have decided to have a slice of strawberry shortcake ($6.80++), given how much I have loved it in thepast. Surprisingly, having ate Patisserie Glace’s, this indeed disappoint. Apart from the sponge being alittle sweet on the liking, the cream is not fluffy.

Gobi’s desserts are generally on the sweet side, and comparing the 2 slices of cakes with the panna cotta we had that evening, I would return for their main courses (some of reviews posted on HGW are quite positive) and their desserts.

Strawberry Shortcake @ Gobi

P.S. I used to eat cakes blindly, not knowing the difficulty and effort to put up the dessert. Little did I realize, the chantilly cream is equally challenging. Apparently, there are 3 phases while whipping cream, namely soft peak, stiff peak and curd and each is just a difference of a few whisks. Not just that, the bowl has to be chilled and the bowl has to be free from the slightest contamination. I don’t know about others, as I put in more entries for the blog, I start to pay attention to the little details placed in a single dessert and I would say, as I eat more, I treasure the ones I really like.

Gobi Desserts (Closed)
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tel”6341 9794

Operating hours: 11am to 10pm (Daily)

Matcha macarons from GOBI

Haven’t come up with my Oct special despite knowing what to put on my favourite 4 (for Matcha) due to the lack of pictures. I am still short of one and thus I will drop by this weekend to pick up the dessert.

I have previously mentioned that GOBI’s macarons are pretty strong in their flavours so Yuan and I was left with a very strong impression. Thus, I insist on going back to pick up these matcha macarons.

Fen’s comments

Yuan and I have to admit that their matcha macarons is one of the best in terms of flavour. You can really feel the matcha in its filling and I presume this is achieved by introducing matcha powder into the buttercream. In addition, its matcha macarons has one of the better presentation and no doubt, I didn’t regret my second visit.

Some miniature business inside GOBI

Gobi is one dessert bar in which you can grab petite and exquisite-looking desserts without the need to go for buffets. These little petite babies are classified into 2 categories, namely Fantasy and Chocolate Factory and if you were to dine in. Tried a fair bit this afternoon and viola, here they are…
Presenting the miniature versions,
Dark Angel
Described as a must-have for all chocoholics, pure chocolate heaven embedded in moist rich chocolate cake, or in short Dark Angel has a solid core of chocolate wrapped in moist chocolately cake. This is the heart of the Gobi’s famous chocolate petites. I do like the chocolate and don’t mind trying the larger version
Cupid is a salty-sweet light cheese mousse and kirsch piped into hand-crafted white chocolate hats.
Also found at the back of their name cards, which I presume is their signature creation is the
Between the sheets, Malibu milk chocolate ganache sandwiched between delicate sheets of dark chocolate and feullitine praline, sits on a meringue base. This ganache layered piece of indulgence was my favourite among the entire lot. With a good blend of almond and hazelnut, the smooth and crunchy texture just makes me crave for more. The hazelnut taste is just right, not too much and thus not overshadowing the choco. It is a pity this is a little too small.
This creation sits on a cinnamon crunch, chestnut nestled in a cone of dark and light sponge curshed with dark chocolate ganache, custard and rum-soaked rasins, covered with milk chocolate and roasted diced almonds.

GOBI at The Central (Closed)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6534 8187
Opening hours – 11 am to 9 pm daily

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