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FAQ Questions and Answers on Gobi’s products: Macaroons, Cake Shelf life, Serving Gobi’s famous chocolate Lava, storing Gobi’s Fruit Enzyme, Storing Gobi’s modern full month chocolate petites.


Joo Chiat

(Central Kitchen)

 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598

Mon- Thursdays : 7am -9pm

Fridays – Sundays : 7am – 10pm

+65 6345 2127



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  1. Hello!

    I left you a comment on a different page on your website a couple of weeks ago and did not hear back.

    I also just called your Joo Chiat branch, but nobody was available to pick up, it seems.

    I am looking to put together a corporate gift comprising an assortment of your hitokuchi series items, and would like to explore your gift packaging + customisation (and #pc) options, as well as a quotation for 30, 60 and 80 sets.

    Could you please e-mail me as soon as it is convenient to? Thank you!

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