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Gobi has been producing it’s own tea for half a year now.

It’s not bad that we turn from a tea buyer to a tea producer.

It all started because we found the tea vendor adding oil and artificial flavors in their tea.

We hated the diluted taste especially on the second pot.

Gobi produced tea from real fruit skin.

There’s no additional flavoring but what nature intended us to enjoy.

Extending our flavors from the simple Masala Chai to the Dragon Xan.

This week we feature three tea that been our top seller.


 The archipelago  is our inhouse brewmeister’s interpretation of southeast Asia. This beautiful tea is luscious blend of Lemon, Orange and spices (our secret). It’s dark and strong in taste.

Read more about it here: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=4149


 Gobi’s newest tea offering is the Apple Cinnamon. For lovers of Gobi’s Apple Pie, this beautifully golden full body blend is a natural extension of Gobi’s award winning apple pie.

Gobi’s Apple Crumble has been featured on many magazines and TV series.

MediaCorp Channel 8 food variety show 超级小吃赞3 SNACK ATTACK 3. Ep 10 – 水果小吃


 The Dragon Xan blended from one of the top 5 super fruits of the world the dragon fruit. The dragon fruit helps you look young and feel healthy. The antioxidants of this tea of off the chart. Drink the third pot and you’ll see the flavors unfurl.

More tea? See our product catalog: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=4169

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