Gobi achieves a big milestone for two of it’s cakes: <10% sugar content

Gobi is striving to bring all its cakes to below 10% of processed sugar within the next five years. Gobi’s ambitious goal is to achieve zero sugar in all its desserts. It’s almost unheard off for any dessert house to create sugarless desserts. Gobi doesn’t use saccharine to replace the processed sugar. When the folks in Gobi say zero process sugar, they really mean zero processed sugar, zero saccharine. Gobi is able to achieve very low sugar in their cakes by using high grade chocolate, fruits and enzymes which are naturally sweet.

20160420_089 Meet the double chocolate fudge, the first cake in Gobi’s offerings to be less than 10% processed sugar. This seven layer decadent cake is not only less than 10% gross sugar content, it’s tastier than ever. The flavor an awesome blend of high grade cocoa and dark chocolate to satiate the deep craving for dessert yet be healthy.
20141222_101 Macha Azuki has been Gobi’s greatest achievement. We’re probably the only pastisserie that uses Sencha (新茶). Sencha is strong in taste and hard to come by in Singapore. By right, our Macha Azuki should be called Sencha Azuki. This beautiful green cake is less than 10%. Read more about it here: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=430
 Gobi’s zero sugar roadmap

 Less than 20 in 3 years 2018

Less than 10 in 5 years by 2020

Zero in 10 years by 2025

Mid year Progress Report

98% of Gobi’s cakes are under 20% process sugar. 50% of Gobi’s products are under 15%. 2 products the Macha and Double Fudge are under 10% process sugar.

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