Gobi makes bitesize Macha Azuki

Gobi is one of the few Patisserie that uses Sencha to make it’s Macha Azuki. Gobi added the bite size Macha Azuki into it’s Hitokuchi offering. 20160620_004
20160616_023 Often asked why it’s not named the Sencha Azuki rather than the Macha Azuki. The market is already used to the name Macha Azuki. Only serious tea drinkers know of Sencha Azuki.
Gobi’s Sencha Azuki or “Macha Azuki” bite size series has the lowest sugar content. The sponge and the sencha mousse have zero sugar. The Azuki (red beans) needs to have sugar to cook so that it has a nice flavor. 20160616_082

More on Gobi’s Hitokuchi series: http://gobi.com.sg/?p=5155

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