Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors is a universal tradition of honoring friends and thanking them for the help rendered to you. While the big dinner is expected, the gift says a thousand words. And this thousand words, a Gobi will help you express them with elegance and style. Gobi is one of the pastry power houses in Singapore since 2004 making modern, elegant pastries for baby full month and wedding favors. Gobi’s pastries are are halal compliant as half of our team are local Malay muslims.

Our packages are ideal for:

  • Guo Da Li 过大礼 / VIP invitations,
  • Xi bing 喜饼
  • ROM,
  • engagement ceremony,
  • wedding receptions,
  • wedding announcements,
  • elegant edible table gifts,
  • vow renewal ceremonies,
  • Indoor, air-conditioned ceremonies. (21degC-23DegC)
  • a budget of between 2-10 SGD per gift. As you take a peek on our pricelist, Gobi’s products are not cheap but neither is it overtly expensive. pricelist. It will fit your budget.



  • Gold print box
  • 2 pieces of pastries (choice of: petites, macaroons, cookies)
  • 1 custom message



  • Angel box
  • 6 pieces of pastries (choice of: petites, macaroons, cookies)
  • 1 custom message



  • Angel box
  • 12 pieces of pastries (choice of: petites, macaroons, cookies)
  • 1 custom message




 Your choice of topper cake for your cake cutting ceremony (choose from our standard cake or can be a custom cake) Typically 5.5″.

Package Immaculate


*Pilotes (Goddess of Friendship & Thanks)

Package Regal

  • one 550gm cake
  • minimum 25 boxes of mini macarons
  • minimum 50 pieces of chocolate petites
  • Prices depends on quantity.

Custom packages

For custom pastries:

  • cupcakes,
  • standard macarons, mini macarons,
  • cookies
  • tray cakes,
  • 3D cakes,
  • 2D cakes,
  • minicakes,
  • hitokuchi (bite sizee)

please go to our dedicated custom pastries page:


Timeline for ordering:

  • less than 3 days, no customization and depending if we have stock for walkin customers.

How to order




DQ . 20080505

last year for my wedding i ordered wedding favors fom gobi to be delivered to m hotel. it was really the highlight of my wedding dinner. my one year wedding anniversary is coming up. i am thinking of surprising my husband with a delivery to his workplace. and for this special occasion i will like to order something from gobi because it is so memorable.


  1. Esther Chen says:

    Looking for 2-piece wedding favors, I might need about 30 boxes of 2 pieces each.

    1. Chef Gobi says:

      Good afternoon, Esther. One of Gobi’s kitchen team will contact you soon. Kind regards, Web Admin

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