Will The real Sumo Brownie standup?

We are flattered that our competitor is copying us. Our customer provided us with a “Sumo” brownie and asked us if it was ours. She brought it to us nicely wrap. We just did a quick measurement.

The fake was short by 1.5 cm.  Next we check on the quality.

Wow the competitor made such a bad brownie. The Sumo brownie uses Brazilian Walnuts and high quality dark chocolate. This make the Brownie super moist, crunchy and awesomely chocolaty. We just stop the comparison after unwrapping the fake. We publish this article so that our customer know the real Sumo Brownie from the fake. We wanted to thank our loyal customer for bringing this to our attention. We need not take any action as we compete strictly on providing high quality to our customers.

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