Gobi sells memories, not just pastries

The Secret of Gobi’s Cake Display

Gobi’s Mission is to remind you that Life Is Sweet.

We have 3 decks of cakes in our cake display to fit your mood.

  • Chocolate Universe

Pick any cake from this deck if you  need love. The top deck on our Cake display is the Chocolate Universe. Gobi’s interpretation of love and passion. We use the highest quality cocoa and almost pure chocolate. A bite of a cake from this deck is how TRUE LOVE should taste.

  • The Cheese & Mousse Series Deck

Pick any cake from this cake display deck if you are feeling playful. The second deck of Gobi’s cake display is the Cheese & Mousse series, an interpretation of fearless playfulness. Gobi’s Cheesecake series is vegetarian (no egg). We use different types of cheese that can hold the cake together and more importantly playfully tease you palate with an interplay of sweet, salty and tanginess.

  • Fruit & Nuts

Pick any cake for this deck when you need a boost in your soul. The fruit and nut deck is a deck aimed at rejuvenating your body and soul. When life treats you toughly, you will comfort from this deck. Made lovingly with fruits and fruit enzyme, the cake will recharge you so that you will let the world know that you are back.

Why do we plate each cake separately?
  • Because you are unique and each cake is unique.
  • Hygiene, we handle the plate not your cake.
Gobi Joo Chiat
DDD cafe Bedok Point


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