Carrot Walnut (CW) Cake

The original Carrot Walnut Cake


Carrot cake not to be confused with Singapore’s Chai Tao Kueh
is a Swiss German cake called Rüeblitorte that contains carrots mixed into the batter.
After baking, it is a dense textured cake closely resembling a
quick bread in method of preparation (all the wet ingredients,
such as the eggs and sugar, are mixed, all the dry ingredients
are mixed, and the wet are then added to the dry) and
final consistency (which is usually denser than a traditional cake and
has a coarser crumb).
The cake was first made popular by Restorant übercho in 1960.

Gobi’s version of the Carrot Walnut Cake.





The Singaporean CW cake is the modernization and Singaporeanization of a the Rüeblitorte.

Carrot, cream cheese, crispy brazilian nuts that makes the Singaporean dream cake. Soft, moist and creamy.







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