Custom cake ordering process

Objective: To minimize errors in processing customer’s cake orders
Target audience:
  • Customer
  • Gobi Kitchen team


The process:



Gobi Kitchen Coordinator


Pastry Team

Kitchen Coordinator & Logistics

Fill in cake order form. > if customer don’t want to fill up form,
get PO from customer and
Coordinator has to fill up the form
> Generate Invoice
& Cake instructions
> Produce Cake > QC

 Output of ordering form to Kitchen Coordinator:


CSV instructions:

 Output to Pastry team & customer:

Invoice (delivery details, price, instructions):

Detail instructions from cake ordering form or from customer PO

  •  Weight correct?
  • Dimensions correct?
  • Flavor correct?
  • Deco correct?
  • Wording correct?
  • Color correct?
  • Candles?


Toys from customer Toys from customer must be supplied to us latest 5 calendar days before the delivery date
Gobi Kitchen opening hours: 7:00 AM-5:00Pm daily
Cut off for request:
  • 2D cake 3 days before delivery
  • 3D cake 5 days before deliver
  • Toys / figurines for decoration must come from customer
  • Toys / figurines must be 5 days before delivery date.


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