Explaining Gobi’s Invoicing and Kitchen System

There are four sections to Gobi’s invoice

Top section contains your billing information.

Second section contains your production billing information.

The note section is where your delivery instructions goes in.

This is where we also place your customization requests.

In this section, you will find the terms and conditions of your purchase.

  • #1 sales are final.
  • #2 Payment terms are stated here. There are three payment terms: credit, cod, advance payment
  • #3 Transfer payment instructions:
    “For wire transfer or check, please use:
    Bank Account Name: Gobi (S) Desserts LLP., SGD Bank Account Number: 686610866001, OCBC Bank Code: 7339, Branch Code: 686, Swift Code: OCBCSGSG”
  • #4 if you are making out a check, our company name:
    For wire transfer or check, please use:
    Bank Account Name: Gobi (S) Desserts  LLP.

Payment is important to secure your spot in Gobi’s kitchen.

Gobi is one of the top 3 patisserie in Singapore and d the kitchen does get very busy. To help There are 3 tracts in Gobi’s order system.

Tract 1: Confirmed paid orders get priority.

Tract 2: Regular customer orders on credit terms get same priority as tract 1.

Tract 3: Not paid bookings get kicked out of the system 1 week before the actual date or if the chef’s production slot s are all taken up the nonconfirm orders will be dropped.

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