The most awesome tasting, yet most complex cakes to make: the Yokeless and Oreo Cheesecake

  20160901_03 20160901_04 The Yokeless cheesecake, afar, is an eggless cheesecake.
The beauty of the cake is held together by almond cookie base and special caramelized top.With five types of cheese of different cream cheese to bring the sugar content to less than 15%, this cake is light but packs an amazing taste.


Master Pastry Chef Jonathan, probably the hardest working chef in Singapore, also developed the Oreo cheesecake with the same light taste. The oreo has the same oreo cookie taste that we have all come to expect yet its’ enveloped in such light cream cheese that makes it perfect for the kid in us.



To order, call 63452127. To view more of Gobi’s awesome cakes, click here

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