20160909 Harvest: Pineapple Enzyme

For this Pineapple Enzyme, the label was simplified to better reflect the product. The word “Vino” is replaced with “Enzyme”. pinappleenzyme

This Pineapple Enzyme is bountiful. And we have achieved amazingly low sugar level for this harvest 0.3 %.

 Before harvesting, a sample is taken and sugar level measured.20160827_140

We use a refractometer to measure sugar on the Brix% scale. The reading is at 0.28% approximately 0.3%. This is the lowest sugar level we have achieved. This means that the beverage is almost zero sugar.


 Traditionally brewers celebrate the first bottle of every harvest. The first bottle is referred to as the virgin bottle. This bottle determines the taste of the batch. We keep this in our own stash.

20160903_17 20160903_116

The batch of Pineapple Enzyme is the best we have ever had. The acidity, tartness and smooth texture are well balanced.



The harvest is blessed with a beautiful well balanced taste as well as bountiful.20160903_82

This is the best harvest we have had yet.



Pineapple Enzyme is a natural detox enzyme. It contains high vitamins, minerals for healing and bromelain (anti-inflammation enzyme).

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