Men and Women in Black

Gobi has been running it’s mass recruitment much like the recruitment session in Men In Black 1 where Agent J (Will Smith) was recruited into MIB by Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). MIB wanted to test Agent J if he was motivated, very smart and can see the big picture. Of course he did and we had 2 more sequels. Lifvation uses Gobi’s cooking class to assess it’s candidates on comprehension, adaptability, flexibility and communication.

Candidates that attend the session learn how to bake from delicious sponge cake to macaroons but they take away much more than that. They learn about themselves and the smart ones take away a lot more. We have had candidates that could not pass this hurdle for various reasons. Some are fixated that they have been managers for X number years of experience and found that rolling their sleeves up to be demeaning. Sadly, they will find that to be a growth limiting perspective. Even the Chairman of Lifvation rolls up his sleeve to sweep the floor and clear dishes. In Lifvation, no job is either too big or too small. All jobs should be done with passion, to the best of one’s ability and correctly.

Every Wednesday:






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Souffle making with the owner of Gobi Desserts  2016102_047

Without letting out all the secrets, interested participants should first fill out the online application.  At this time this event is only open to Singaporeans, Singapore PR and holders of long term visits pass. Session details:


Video summary of what you can expect: Here is how to start doing something meaningful Your journey starts here: 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598 Mon- Thursdays : 7am -9pm Fridays – Sundays : 7am – 10pm +65 6345 2127 +65 96470588

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