Gobi’s Creamery Program presents: Super 9

Super 9 ice cream for S$20.00.


In the past, Gobi purchased ice cream from one of the best ice cream makers in Singapore. The culinary team always found it challenging to influence the ice cream makers to make creamery that didn’t contain any chemical stabilisers and bring the sugar content to less than 15%. Chemical stabilizers leave a metallic aftertaste which wasn’t acceptable for Gobi’s culinary team especially when the team had made a breakthrough in it’s Poire William Creme Brulee by substituting alcohol with enzyme producing a far superior taste. Gobi made it’s own vanilla ice cream since 2005. In 2015, the team expanded the creamery program producing limited quantity of sorbets using low fat cream,  low sugar and most importantly no stabilizers.



Seasalt banana is a favorite amongst Gobi’s regulars. Made with banana, butterscotch, chocolate chunks and sprinkle with almonds.

The Lychee Orange

The Lychee Orange with chunks of orange in our ice cream. Low in sugar and great in taste.


 Lychee Original

The simple lychee ice cream. Refreshing for the purist.


Real mango blended and made into an awesome gelato.

 Banana Apple Orange

Low sugar and crunchy.

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