Gobi creamery presents it’s DOLL Icecream cake series

Luck favors Hard work and passion. Gobi reached a milestone in it’s creamery program. It produced it’s first Dream of Love “Dol” pronounced as “Doll”, ice cream cake series. Getting an established pastry team and a nascent creamery team to work together is difficult. The payoff is the DOLL, a labor of love and passion.

 Fruitty Passion
 1.0 We lay a super soft sponge cake as it’s base  2.0 Lychee ice-cream with fruit chunks.
3.0 Go nuts with Almonds sprinkle.

4.0 Add a sponge cake to make a sandwich.

5.0 Passion fruit ice-cream.

6.0 Go fruity fruit chunks.
6.0 After some waiting the fruitty passion  7.0 Slice and ready to eat. 



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