Yokeless cheesecake

A bakeless cheesecake without eggs as stabilizers is a challenge. The Yokeless is also a benchmark product in Gobi’s zero sugar roadmap. This means that the Yokeless cheesecake is suppose to have zero sugar by 2020. Currently, the sugar content is at 12%. The industry standard is at a dismal 38 percent.
Gobi’s kitchen uses 5 types of cream cheese blend that is rigid enough and at the same time taste awesome. We add an X% (X=secret) of mascarpone in our cheesecake to give it that kick. However Mascarpone cream cheese is very tricky to work with. Too much and this is the result:

The rainbow cheesecake taste fantastic but it’s too soft to sell. Find the perfect blend takes a lot of experimentation. Here are some of results:

Recipe Chz 1 2 3 4 mascarpone Taste Texture
a% b% c% d% e% Fantastic May be a bit soft

Yokeless 0

circa 2004

100% Taste like a factory cheesecake Hardens after 3 days.

Yokeless 2

circa 2004

f% g% Slight better taste. Still hardens after 3 days.

Yokeless 15

circa 2005

h% i% j% Taste much better with balanced sweetness and tartness. Hardens after 3.5 days.

Yokeless 27

circa 2013

k% l% m% n% Taste beautiful. Texture is getting perfect up to 5 days.

 Yokeless 28

circa 2016

o% p% q% r% s% A uniquely Gobi cheesecake profile not found anywhere else in Singapore. Cheesecake maintains a perfect rigidity.

Yokeless recipe #28 is a perfect blend of texture (just soft enough) and a uniquely Gobi taste that is not too sweet with a delightful tarty taste at the end.

The mother of the Rainbow cheesecake is the Yokeless 28.


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