How to shop for cakes?

Gobi has 300 cake recipes with about 5000 variants. With such a variety, choosing a cake can be challenging. In this FAQ, we help you choose your perfect cake.  Gobi’s cakes are divided into two categories: commercial & customize

How may pax?

A good start will be to determine the number of people (pax) consuming the cake. Adults will consume 120gm-180gm. Children will be half of that.

How old?

Once you determine the number of pax, the next question will be age. People of different age group have different preferences. Children love sweet cakes. But as we get older, our taste changes. Gobi’s zero sugar roadmap has produced low sugar cakes that tastes awesome. Two cakes made for diabetics are the double gudge and Macha Azuki (<8% sugar).

Over 50 / Diabetic



All ages

Boy or girl?

There are subtle differences in men and women’s taste for cakes. Women tend go for lighter but richer tastes. Men on the other hand loves heavier cakes like the carrot walnut. There are some cakes that both men and women love: yokeless, double fudge and red velvet.


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