Customized cakes from Gobi

 Often customer walk in and draw a cake that they want.
 They go the web and show us approximately the texture.  
   We make a graphic approximation.

 The kitchen starts work on work on this massive cake.

Our customer will get updates as the cake is built stage by stage.


The delicate rose piping is a critical stage.

Every rose is piped by hand.

The final product ready for customer pickup.

You can order your cake here:

Other cakes that we make:

Flaming raspberry

Velvet Fae

2.5 kg Double chocolate chip walnut cake

Chocolate cheesecake

Rainbow cheesecake


 Chocolate Cheesecake

Yokeless Cheesecake (vegetarian)

Gobi’s signature cake makes the perfect birthday cake.

9 layers of chocolate to satisfy even the most die hard chocolate fanatic.

The team behind the beautiful delicious cakes.

You can order your cake here:

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