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Owl Cake making class



Chef  David and Waen will teach you. Call us 63452127. The class is taught every week. Limited space. 3-5 maximum intake. Families are most welcomed. We’ll take you through step by step. You’ll learn and have loads of fun. Open to all ages. Courses are on every:

Wednesday 7:30pm-9:00pm

Sunday 10:00am-Noon

Step 1: Bake the cake

Step 2: Prepare your butter cream

 Step 3: coat your cake.

Step 4: Cut out your patterns.

 Step 5: Piping works.

Step 6: Assembly

 Take picture and eat ….


Gobi makes other delicious pastries:

Gobi’s famous chocolate petites:

Gobi’s signature flaming raspberry:

Gobi’s super popular Yokeless cheesecake (no eggs, no bake)

Gobi’s birthday cakes. Vanilla buttercream cake.

Chocolate ganache sponge birthday cake.

 Gobi’s Poire William Cremebrulee (Blanco = orange enzyme, Crimson = red dragon fruit enzyme)

Gobi runs a recruitment program for people outside of F&B industry interested to explore life in F&B. This is the program where you get hands on pastry works. Pastry is the essential starting point in F&B. Most if not all the top celebrity chefs are pastry chefs.

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