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What are Sugar Prints? ·         Sugar Print are essentially Edible posters with good resolution pictures that are printed on icing sheets. The icing sheets are peeled off from the acetate sheet. Sugar Print sheets have a very fine layer of starch/sugar/food coloring on acetate sheets.  The design is transferred and melted into your dessert with gentle heat.
What are the ingredients in Sugar Prints?

·         The ingredients are completely safe and edible.  Sugar prints are made of:

o   Starch

o   Sugar

o   Emulsifiers

o   Water

What kind of image can be printed on Sugar Prints?

·         Almost any picture.

·         Minimum file size to avoid pixilation = 300kb for a nice 19”x19” print.

·         Colors should be vibrant

·         Avoid pictures with low contrast

What is the size of each sheet? ·         They are 8.27″ x 11.69″.
Are sugar prints expensive? ·         The good sugar prints range anywhere from SGD 8 -12.
How do they taste? ·         There is no discernible taste or texture difference to desserts made with Sugar Prints!  It’s pretty amazing! You’ll never even know it’s there when tasting the treats!
How many meringues/treats can I make per sheet?

·         Separate Round Images Sheets – up to 54 1-inch round images per sheet.

·         You could make up to 20 1.5-inch treats per sheet or up to 90 1/2-inch treats per sheet.


Do I pipe meringues/candy melts on the shiny side or the dull/rough side of the sheet?

·         Pipe onto the dull side.  Shiny side down against the cookie sheet.

·         Wilton 6B, 8B, or star tip #88 work nicely.

Are they gluten free? ·         Yes
Are they kosher & Halal? ·         Yes, Gobi buys from Halal / Kosher suppliers.
How do I store my Sugar Print sheets? ·         Keep them in a sealed plastic zip top bag until use.  Store them in a dry, dark place like a kitchen cabinet.  Be careful not to scratch the surface of the sheets, removing the design from the acetate.
Can I make other products on Sugar Prints? ·         Yes!  Do not use Sugar Prints at temperatures higher than 200 degrees F.  They do need heat to complete the design transfer.  You’ll also want to use them on white or light colored bases.  I’ve made some adorable treats with candy melts.  So have others!  Gobi routinely use Pastry sheets with candy melts, white chocolate fudge, marshmallows


Gobi’s picture translation process:

Raw photos from customer Gobi’s inhouse graphic artist Upon approval from customer: Instructions / Kitchen Proof sent to Pastry Team:

 Examples of what NOT to send us:

  • small files 16kb

  • blur pics

  • picture of another cake





Finished cakes:


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