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Gobi’s has been running it’s healthy eating program since 2012. We wanted to bring our products to the next level whilst remaining economically viable. Each department heads (pastry, hotside, brewery, creamery and service) provided their plans to do four things: reduce sugar, boost nutrition, boost fiber, boost omega oil.

We started with low hanging fruits graduating to more complex projects in our zero sugar roadmap which resulted in spinning off the fruit enzyme . Here are some highlights of the things we are doing:

Gobi Zero Sugar Program (permeates all that we do in Gobi):

Honey instead of sugar keeps the pound off.
Enter Gobi’s Lemon Apple Cake made with lemon apple and honey served with Gobi’s own vanilla ice cream.


Use more Dark Chocolate.  Chocolate prompts the brain to release endorphins, or feel-good chemicals, and can lower blood pressure. Opt for snacks with 70 percent cacao or more, since higher cocoa content means more antioxidants and a bigger boost to your endorphin and serotonin levels. Gobi has 3 delicious pastries made with almost 100% pure dark chocolate. The Chocolate Therapy, Double Fudge, and dark chocolate Lava.


Boost Nutrition:

 Pears have high levels of pectin, which is known to promote weight loss. They also have 30 percent more potassium than apples and are a great energy booster. Gobi two unique pear dessert: the White Poire and Crimson Poire.

Go nuts on nuts. Nuts contains proteins, omega oils, fiber. Gobi’s chefs are encouraged to go nuts on nuts. For instance, Gobi’s carrot walnut cake contains 30% high grade brazilian walnuts, the highest in the industry.

 Strawberries, Blueberries and raspberries are potent health warriors, with more antioxidants than almost any other fruit or veggie to help protect against chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease. Gobi is riched in berries based products.

Boost fiber:

 Whole grain oatmeal cookies. With candy and sweets lying around your office, it’s always a challenge to make a good snacking choice. Gobi’s whole grain cookies are less calories. The sweetness comes mostly from honey and oat meal meaning it’s a treat that you can chomp on guilt-free and it’s helps your gut flora.

 High Fibre Cake made with wheat bran, fruits, is healthier than processed white flour, and are preservative-free. Gobi’s Blood Orange Coffee Cake is made with dark chocolate, virgin Kahlua, blood orange, fruits (kiwi+apple+some bananas) is a great sweet treat that is super healthy.

Boost Vitamins & Omega 3+6:

Caffeine not only gets your brain clicking on more cylinders in the morning, but it can also help bolster your metabolism. A Danish study found that caffeine increases the number of calories you burn at rest by as much as 25 percent for three hours after it’s ingested. Other research discovered that caffeine also makes you inclined to eat less, meaning your body will have fewer stored calories to burn. Gobi offers from Mon to Thursday a high tea set starting from 8.90 that Gobi’s high tea set.



Gobi started it’s creamery program a few years ago in as part of a project to produce zero sugar vanilla ice cream. Gobi’s low hanging fruit was the Sorbet made entirely with fruit, yogurt, milk with no additional sugar, no preservatives and all the goodness that comes with real fruit, there’s so much to love about this dessert. Gobi’s creamery program is still in it’s infancy.


Organic Milk.Recent research shows that whole organic milk lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Why? The cows that produce it are required to eat plants high in omega-3 fatty acids, which increases their, and their milk’s ratio, of heart-healthy omega-3s that our diets lack.  Gobi uses organic milk in its pastries and coffee.


Mangos are naturally filling due to their fibre content—a medium one contains 3 grams—but that’s not the only reason they help peel off the pounds. Mangoes may lower blood sugar, which can help to control cravings, especially for carbs. Mangoes contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, A, E, K, and a range of B vitamins. Gobi’s creamery program produces Mango sorbets on a regular basis.

Hotside: go local, go superfood

Salsa. Gobi introduced Salsa into it’s menu as a tasty way to sneak in an extra serving of veggies. Check out Gobi’s hotside menu.

 Gobi’s pizza dough is made with whole-wheat dough to boost fibre; mozzarella to slash unhealthy saturated fats; veggies for antioxidants; and lean protein—such as chicken strips—to keep you feeling full longer.



Green Onions and Plantains. Green Onions stalks, also known as scallions, spring onions, and salad onions, have a whopping 140 times more nutrients than plain-old white onions. They’re superfoods, and we never hear about them. We blend them and produced our first all vegetarian Tostones Burger.


Mushrooms (or 2 cups chopped) has low calories (a measly 35 calories) but high in fibre and protein.  A 100g serving of mushrooms contains more dietary fibre (2.5g) than 100g of celery (1.8g). Carrots are of the most nutritious foods because they promote healthy skin, teeth, and gums, have anti-ageing properties, and can help cleanse the body. They are also filled with beta-carotene, which protects the skin from sun damage, preventing wrinkles and sun spots. Tomato contains lycopene for preventing heart disease. Tomatoes are also packed full of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants and are a rich source of vitamins A, vitamin C and folic acid. Gobi’s creative hotside incorporates a whole slew of mushroom, carrots and tomato in the vegetarian Shakshuka a perennial flavor from the middle east. 

Gobi’s Enzyme Program is quintessential to moving up the flavors, going achololess and reducing the sugar in our pastries:

Papaya contains a special digestive enzyme called papain, which is why it is most known to be a powerful digestive aid. But improved digestion helping the body to detox isn’t the only benefits of papaya– it can also help the body to heal wounds, to reduce inflammation, to purify the blood, and much more. Gobi’s spinoff Brewbaga is gaining a good following with it’s half dozen enzyme.

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 For more information of Gobi’s enzyme, please go to www.brewbaga.com

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