Review by Jerb – Baby First Month Cakes from GOBI

When Julien was 3 weeks old, the hubby and I were shocked to learn that we’ve got to hold a baby shower and give out manyue (1st month) pastries. After tossing and turning,  we didn’t want the typical ang ku kueh/red eggs/cake packages and decided to go for something different, something  modern, something that we ourselves would like. And so we found GOBIWe went down to their central kitchen in Joo Chiat and we loved the cozy feel!

The cafe’s exterior

The interior has a Cashier area overlooking it’s open concept kitchen.

We tried the chocolate petite samples. WOW!!! The texture of the cakes were silky smooth. I have been eating lots of desserts every where and Gobi’s chocolate petites were just incredibly delicious And they were gone in minutes!

 We ordered our manyue cakes. My hubby was so happy, he bought a box of macaroons to eat along the way as well!


Finally the day came to give out the cakes. We were excited to give out the delicious and pretty stuffs! Indeed it’s more blessed to give than to receive. 🙂 And of course, the preeeetty and very yummy cakes from GOBI!


Our colleagues and friends loved it!

And we will definitely patronize the cafe again!


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