Wednesday Baking Classes

Gobi’s Wednesday baking classes are very popular with young professionals and singles.

Every week the topic for the classes change from 3D cakes,  Canoles, Chocolate cake to Churros.

Topic depends student’s request and that’s the advantage of having a seasoned pastry instructor.


There are 8 types of pastries that we teach in Gobi.  Churros is an example of a very simple form of Pate Sucre Pastry.

 Pastry classes that we cover:

  • Pizza making

  • Chocolate Cake

  • Souffle

  • Cup Cake

  • Lemon Apple Cake

  • Banana Bread

  • Curry Puff

  • Canoles

  • Oatmeal cookies

  • Owl cake

More on Gobi’s pastry classes:

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