Gobi’s customized Donuts


Though donuts are not our mainstay,
we do make a lot of donuts for our customers.

We still do things by hand.

 For donut connoisseurs, there’s a

BIG difference between handmade donuts
and factory made donuts.

Handmade donuts have the taste of freshness, a nice balance of texture (squidge vs crisp) and not too sweet.

Gobi’s pastry chef makes different sizes of donuts
from mini donut, donut balls to the standard donut

Depending on the type of donuts, our prices for donuts ranges
from SGD 1.50 to SGD4.00 per piece.
It also depends on the quantity. Obviously, there’s a bulk discount.
Minimum order quantity will be 50 and 3 days in advance.


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