Gobi’s Tea Program celebrates : Dragon Xan


高谷帝 (HIGH VALLEY EMPEROR TEA) is Gobi’s tea program it’s 1.5 year anniversary. 
The premise of 高谷帝 was a need for a better alternative.
The Singapore market is so small that a handful of players control the market.
Most of the cafes buy from these tea distributors.
Gobi’s kitchen team deliberated for quite some time on the decision to start 高谷帝.
Drinking the tea we bought from our supplier where after the
second pot was so diluted, the whole kitchen decided that it was time for 高谷帝.
Gobi bucked the trend by making it’s own tea.

Gobi’s kitchen team makes about 8 different tea. 7 of them made entirely of fruit skins and spices.

   The Dragon Xan is the most interesting recipe to date.
It’s a blend of dragon fruit skin, different melon and fruit skins.
We have fans of the Dragon Xan that swears that it’s the best tea they’ve had
and we also have customers that said that waaaahhhhhhliaooooo-eh. 
The Dragon Xan is a tea that is probably like the Durian. Either you love or hate it.

The Dragon Xan is designed to go together with Gobi’s famous Carrot Walnut cake.


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