What’s so special about Gobi’s Enzyme Project?

Gobi’s Brewbaga (making of high-quality fruit enzyme) project stems from two main philosophy:

  • zero sugar roadmap drive

  • and the belief that killing animals for their flesh is wrong.

The intersection of these two beliefs spawns three thrusts to serve Gobi’s customer better and to educate the public that there’s a sustainable way to live.

The first thrust is making of high-quality fruit enzyme (see www.brewbaga.com) for the purpose of improving health. The fruit enzyme is used in Gobi’s signature desserts the White and Crimson Pear Creme Brulee


The second thrust is Gobi’s tea program which focusses on recognizing gold in waste. Fruit peels contain high concentrates of vitamins and minerals that have been used in local medicine to treat ailments. The fruit peels that comes from our kitchen and enzyme production are made into pure fruit peels tea.

The third thrust is Gobi’s cooking classes operated from it’s Bricks N Cubes (a children’s lego theme cafe).  The classes are design to teach beginner’s how to bake tasty low sugar pastries. There are two varieties: adult baking classes (typically held on Wednesdays or Thursdays) and children’s baking classes. Children learn how to control sugar and understand how to blend natural ingredients with low sugar for the perfect cake.


Come eat and learn. www.gobi.com.sg. +65 6345227. Whatsapp: +65 96470588.  350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598.



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