Gobi makes it’s Red Velvet decadent.

Gobi’s Red Velvet also comes in a 750gm 6 inch size mean call the Mini Red Velvet or as our number one customers like to call it Velvet Fae. The Mini Red Velvet is one of the three cakes that makes up Chef Jonathan’s Fantasy series.Gobi’s customer has been raving about its brand new Red Velvet cake. The Red velvet cake comes  in either dark red, bright red or red-brown color. It is a layer cake topped with cream cheese. The recipe is simple: 1 cup butter softened, 2 1/2 cups sugar, 6 large eggs, 3 cups all-purpose flour, 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, 1 (8-ounce) container sour cream,  2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 2 (1-ounce) bottles red food coloring, 1/2 tub of cream cheese.

The Red Velvet has come a long way. When foods were rationed during World War II, bakers used boiled beet juices to enhance the color of their cakes. Beets are found in some red velvet cake recipes, where they also serve to retain moisture. Adams Extract, a Texas company, is credited popularizing the red velvet in America, during the time of the Great Depression. The cake and its original recipe are well known in the United States from New York City’s famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which has also given the cake the name Waldorf-Astoria cake. However, it is widely considered a Southern recipe.[3] Traditionally, the cake is iced with a French-style butter roux icing (also called ermine icing), which is very light and fluffy but time-consuming to prepare. Cream cheese frosting and buttercream frosting are variations which have increased in popularity. In Canada, the cake was a well-known dessert in the restaurants and bakeries of the Eaton’s department store chain in the 1940s and 1950s. Promoted as an exclusive Eaton’s recipe, with employees who knew the recipe sworn to silence, many mistakenly believed the cake to be the invention of the department store matriarch, Lady Eaton. In January 2014, Tim Horton’s began selling the Red Velvet muffin as a seasonal item. In recent years, red velvet has become the international cake icon and a must have in any café. The popularity catapulted as a result of 1989 film Steel Magnolias which featured a red velvet cake made in the shape of an armadillo.

Gobi has been making the Red Velvet since 2005 using a traditional southern American fresh beet root recipe. However, Gobi’s artisan approach lost out in margin to the factory produced Red Velvet. The first few cheap factory Red Velvets appeared around 2009. These factory cakes used Red 40 food dye which is non-hypo allergenic. This means that there is a small percentage of people will have an allergic reaction to the dye.

Gobi’s team decided to just stick with the traditional beet root recipe. The subsequent years were very tough on Gobi especially the Red Velvet. Gobi’s traditional recipe lost out in the margin as the Factory cakes were sold incredibly cheap and way below Gobi’s cost structure. The Gobi’s team is thankful to its friends and small cadre of customers that believed in paying for custom made artisan cakes. If it was not for Gobi’s die hard fan, it wouldn’t have made it.

With the current resurgence of health consciousness and the third wave of the café industry catering to a more sophisticated internet savvy crowd, Gobi caught a lucky break. Gobi’s traditional beet root recipe of no coloring and no artificial flavoring is in the lime light again. Gobi’s team has also been improving it’s technique of making the Red Velvet better. The Gobi team drastically improved the processing of the beet root and found ways of preventing the oxidation of the beet root which made gave a dull red.


After a decade and a few years of close shave, Gobi’s cake found it’s groove amongst the well heeled in Singapore.

20150315_001 20150315_003 20150315_004   20141222_103

 Gobi’s Red Velvet also comes in a 750gm 6 inch size mean call the Mini Red Velvet or as our number one customers like to call it Velvet Fae. The Mini Red Velvet is one of the three cakes that makes up Chef Jonathan’s Fantasy series.

For more on Gobi’s products, http://gobi.com.sg/?p=566

红色的天鹅绒已经走过了很长的路要走。当二战期间食物配给,面包师用煮甜菜汁改善蛋糕的颜色。甜菜,他们也发现在维持水一些红色天鹅绒蛋糕配方中的作用。亚当斯提取物,得克萨斯州,该公司将在大萧条时期,美国的时间记的红色天鹅绒的普及。原来蛋糕食谱也不错一个月来命名给著名的华尔道夫酒店在纽约市被称为在美国蛋糕华尔道夫蛋糕。但是,它被广泛认为是南部的食谱。 [3]传统上,蛋糕很轻,蓬松,但准备花费大量的时间(也称为涂有纯白色的衣服),以装饰的法国奶油基地,和冰。奶油奶酪,糖和奶油冰淇淋上的普及发展和变化。在加拿大,蛋糕是从面包店百货连锁餐厅和伊顿公学在20世纪40年代和50年代的著名甜点。很多人误系教主夫人伊顿认为蛋糕的发明,故事开始认识到配方员工晋升独家伊顿公学的配方。在2014年1月,来自Tim Hortons开始销售红色天鹅绒松饼季节性商品。近年来,国际红丝绒蛋糕图标是在任何咖啡馆。推出了红丝绒蛋糕的热门交易的形状做成特色的1989年电影钢木兰的结果。蕨类植物都在红色天鹅绒自2005年以来,用新鲜的甜菜根传统的美国南部的食谱。然而,父亲在法律的做法在戈壁已经失去了一个红色的丝绒厂的利润。前几个廉价工厂的红,不红丝绒防过敏(40)大约是2009年,用食用色素蛋糕厂貌。这是人的小百分比有染料意味着有过敏反应。戈壁滩的团队已经决定坚持传统的甜菜根食谱。红色天鹅绒随后的几年是非常困难的,尤其是在戈壁。蛋糕厂难以置信的低廉成本的戈壁和沙漠戈壁中出售传统配方的方式下的结构被丢在了利润率。戈壁沙漠的队伍被认为是支付一个特制的蛋糕工匠得益于它的小干部的朋友和客户。如果这不是戈壁的铁杆粉丝,也不会成功的。健康意识和对网吧业餐饮的第三次浪潮的尖端熟悉互联网的人群,蕨类抓运气当前复苏。又有些转折点的人工色素和传统糖果甜菜根调料配方是石灰光。戈壁滩的团队已经改进了技术,使一个更好的红色天鹅绒。蕨类植物的团队极大地提高了甜菜根治疗,并找到一个方法来防止制成的糖果暗红色的甜菜根级别的氧化。故障近10年后,蛋糕是个好地方驼峰是脚后跟回新加坡的发现。

レッドベルベットは、長い道のりを歩んできました。食品は第二次世界大戦中に配給された場合には、パンは彼らのケーキの色を強化するためにゆでた大根ジュースを使用していました。ビートは、彼らはまた、水分を保持するのに役立ついくつかの赤いベルベットのケーキのレシピ、に記載されています。アダムスエキス、テキサス州の会社は、大恐慌の時代、アメリカで赤のベルベットの大衆入金されます。ケーキとそのオリジナルレシピはよくまたケーキに名前ウォルドーフ·アストリアケーキを与えているニューヨーク市の有名なウォルドーフ·アストリアホテル、から米国で知られている。しかし、それは広く南レシピ考えられている。[3]伝統的に、ケーキは非常に軽くてふわふわしたが準備する時間がかかります(また、アーミンアイシングと呼ばれる)フレンチスタイルのバタールーアイシング、とアイスれている。クリームチーズフロスティングとバタークリームフロスティングの人気が増加しているバリエーションです。カナダでは、ケーキは1940年代と1950年代にイートンの百貨店チェーンのレストランやパン屋ではよく知られたデザートだった。多くが誤って百貨店女家長、レディイートンの発明であるとケーキを信じ、沈黙に誓っレシピを知っていた従業員と、排他的イートンのレシピとして推進。 2014年1月には、ティムホートンのは、季節のアイテムとして赤いベルベットのマフィンの販売を開始しました。近年では、赤いベルベット、国際ケーキのアイコンとなっており、どのカフェで持っている必要があります。人気はアルマジロの形をした赤いベルベットのケーキを特色にした1989年のフィルムスチールモクレンの結果として一躍。ゴビは、伝統的な南部のアメリカの新鮮なビートルートのレシピを使用して、2005年からレッドベルベットを作り続けてきた。しかし、ゴビ砂漠の職人のアプローチは、レッドベルベット生産工場に余白に敗れた。最初の数安い工場レッドベルベットは、非低刺激性であるレッド40食用色素を使用し周りに、2009年、これらの工場のケーキが登場。これは、人々の小さな割合は、染料にアレルギー反応を持つことになりますがあることを意味する。ゴビ砂漠のチームは、単に伝統的なビートルートのレシピに固執することを決めた。その後の数年間は、ゴビ砂漠に特にレッドベルベット非常にタフだった。工場出荷時のケーキが信じられないほど安く販売され、道ゴビのコスト構造の下にあったようにゴビ砂漠の伝統的なレシピは、余白に敗れた。ゴビ砂漠のチームは、カスタムメイドの職人ケーキの支払いを信じて、その友人や顧客の小さな幹部に感謝です。それはゴビ砂漠のダイハードファンのためではなかった場合は、それを作ったなかっただろう。健康志向の現在の復活とカフェ業界はより洗練された、インターネットに精通した群衆に食料調達の第三の波で、ゴビは幸運をキャッチ。無着色無人工香料のゴビの伝統的なビートルートのレシピは再びライムライトである。ゴビ砂漠のチームはまた、より良いレッドベルベットを作る技術だ改善されました。ゴビチームは劇的にビートルートの処理を改善し、鈍い赤を与えたビートルートの酸化を防止する方法を発見した。十年とほとんど失敗した後、ゴビ砂漠のケーキは、それがうまくシンガポールでかかとの間で再び場所です発見した。

고비 사막의 고객은 새로운 레드 벨벳 케이크 미쳐되었습니다. 레드 벨벳 케이크는 진한 빨강, 밝은 적색 또는 적갈색 중 하나에 온다. 이 조리법은 간단합니다
레드 벨벳은 먼 길을왔다. 식품 세계 대전 동안 배급 때, 빵 굽는 사람은 케이크의 색을 향상시키기 위해 삶은 사탕 무우 주스를 사용했다. 사탕 무 우, 그들이 또한 수분을 유지하는 역할을 일부 레드 벨벳 케이크 조리법,에서 발견된다. 아담스 추출물, 텍사스 회사는 대공황의 시간 동안, 미국에서 빨간 벨벳의 대중화 적립됩니다. 케이크 원래 조리법은 잘 또한 케이크에게 이름을 월 도프 – 아스토리아 케이크를 주신 뉴욕시의 유명한 월 도프 아스토리아 호텔에서 미국에 알려져있다. 그러나, 그것은 널리 남부 조리법 간주된다. [3] 전통적으로, 케이크는 매우 가볍고 푹신하지만 준비하는 데 많은 시간을 소모 (또한 순백의 옷을 입힌라고 함) 프랑스 식 버터 루의 장식, 아이스된다. 크림 치즈 설탕과 버터 크림 설탕 장식의 인기가 증가하고 변화이다. 캐나다에서는 케이크는 1940 년대와 1950 년대에 레스토랑과 이튼의 백화점 체인 빵집에서 잘 알려진 디저트이었다. 많은 사람들이 실수로 백화점 여자 가장, 레이디 이튼의 발명으로 케이크를 믿고, 발설 제조법을 알고 직원, 독점적 인 이튼의 조리법으로 승진. 2014년 1월에서, 팀 호튼은 계절 항목으로 레드 벨벳 머핀을 판매하기 시작했다. 최근 몇 년 동안, 빨간 벨벳 국제 케이크 아이콘이되었으며 어떤 카페에 있어야합니다. 인기 딜의 모양으로 만든 빨간 벨벳 케이크를 기능을 갖춘 1989 영화 철 목련의 결과로 발사. 고비는 전통적인 남부 미국 신선한 사탕 무우 루트 조리법을 사용하여 2005 년부터 레드 벨벳을 만들고있다. 그러나, 고비의 장인 접근 방식은 레드 벨벳 생산 공장으로 여백을 잃었습니다. 처음 몇 싼 공장 레드 벨벳이 아닌 저자 극성입니다 레드 (40) 식품 염료를 사용하는 약 2009 년이 공장 케이크 등장. 이것은 사람들의 작은 비율은 염료 알레르기 반응을 갖 존재한다는 것을 의미한다. 고비 사막의 팀은 전통적인 사탕 무우 루트 조리법을 고수하기로 결정했다. 이후 몇 년 동안은 고비에 특히 레드 벨벳 매우 힘든했다. 공장 케이크 고비의 비용 구조 아래에 믿을 수 없을만큼 저렴하고 방법 팔렸다으로 고비 사막의 전통적인 조리법은 여백에 잃었습니다. 고비 사막의 팀은 맞춤 제작 한 장인 케이크에 대한 지불을 믿고 그 친구와 고객의 작은 간부에 감사합니다. 이 고비의 다이 하드 팬이 아니었다면, 그것을 만들었하지 않을 것이다. 건강 의식과보다 정교한 인터넷에 정통한 군중에 카페 산업 취사의 제 3의 물결의 현재 부활로, 고비는 행운을 잡았다. 어떤 색상과 인공 조미료의 고비의 전통 사탕 무우 루트 조리법은 다시 라임 빛입니다. 고비 사막의 팀은 더 나은 레드 벨벳을 만드는 기술의 향상되었습니다. 고비 팀은 크게 사탕 무우 루트의 처리를 개선하고 무딘 빨간색을 준 만든 사탕 무우 루트의 산화를 방지하는 방법을 발견했다. 10 년 거의 실패 후, 고비의 케이크는 잘 싱가포르에서 굽 사이에 다시 장소 발견했다.





Central Kitchen: 350 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427598

Bedok Point / collection hub: #03-34 Bedok Point 799 New Upper Changi Road 467351

Tel: +65 6345 2127, +65 62424797



Gobi in its peak was 7 cafes operating one of the best high end high teas in Ion Orchard. The Gobi brand was the top F&B retail brands in Singapore. We have shifted our business model to focus on making desserts rather than retail. We know retail and can help your café get to the next level with high quality desserts. Our offerings:

  Item Description Recommended retail price
 image002 Sea Salt Caramel Log Cake

The Sea Salt Caramel Log Cake has soft cream cheese around the cake with a caramel river flowing in the middle. Every slice will get a nice caramel drenching.


 image003 Mascarpone Raspberry Cake

This sweet tangy delicious creation is coated with a creamy layer of mascarpone cheese outside and the inside with strawberry and raspberry extract that will light up your taste buds.


 image004 Yolkless Cheesecake Handcrafted yolkless cheesecake. It’s rich without being overpowering. $   74.20
 image005 Crumbletop Cheesecake Baked cheesecake topped with almond crumbs coated with white couture chocolate. $   74.20
 image006 Oreo Cheesecake Baked cheesecake with Oreo bits and crushed Oreo base and top. $   74.20
 image007 Chocolate Cheesecake Baked cheesecake with chocolate topping and base sprinkled with chocolate chips. $   74.20
 image008 Walnut Carrot Cake All-time favourite packed with carrots, fruits and nuts topped with cream cheese. $   74.20
 image009 Apple Crumble Gobi has potentially one of the best Apple Pie in Singapore. It’s an open secret amongst our customers. We stuff chunks of poached Granny smith apples into the apple pie and topped with crunchiest crumble. $   74.20
 image010 Flaming Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse with raspberry bavarois and chunky raspberry coulis. $   89.04
 image011 Macha Azuki Layers of light matcha sponge with matcha cream and Azuki beans. $   89.04
 image012 Strawberry Flan Glazed fresh strawberries with almond cream filling on a sable tart base. $   89.04
 image013 Peach Flan Sliced succulent peaches with almond cream filling on a sable tart base. $   89.04
 image014 Double Chocolate Fudge 3 layer dark chocolate sponge filled with thick, creamy chocolate goodness. $   89.04
20150315_004 Red Velvet A decadent 8 layer of healthy beet root sponge with Gobi’s blend of rich Cream Cheese. $  89.04
 image015 Molten Lava Dark rich chocolate cake with molten chocolate centres. S$10-12
 image016 Strawberry Shortcake

The perfect blend of hi soft genoise layered with cream chattily and fresh strawberries.


S$ 90.00
 image017 Chocolate Therapy Indulge your chocolate cravings with Gobi’s unique creation 9 layered crunchy praline, dark chocolate sponge and milk chocolate ganache topped with rum infused white chocolate. S$10-11 per slice
 image018 Brownie

A perennial American favourite. Rich and moist with generous chunks of chocolate and walnuts.


S$5-6 per piece
 image019 Macaroons We have 9 flavours to choose from: Rose, Chai,  Matcha,  Pineapple,  Black Sheep, Morgan Blend , Chamomile, Strawberry, Orange S$ 2.5-$3.00 per piece
Premium Alcoholic Desserts
 image020 Blackforest Pannacotta This chocolate and berry liquor premium dessert is a chocolate’s dream come true. S$ 7.5-8.00 per cup
 image021 Tiramisu Cup Italy’s most popular dessert delivered to your door step. S$ 7.5-8.00 per cup
 image022 Tiramisu Cake This is made for the coffee and mascarpone cheese lover. This premium coffee liquored cake is an instant hit. S$90.00 per cake / S$8.00-9.00 per slice
 image023 Fruit Enzyme Pear Crème Brulee Crème Brulee is a French adaptation of the famous Catalan dessert. This is the quintessential in all Michelin starred restaurants. $$13.90-14.90
 image024 Fruit Enzyme

Gobi’s fruit enzyme comes in four flavors: Red Dragon Fruit, White Dragon Fruit, Pear Orange, Pineapple.

For more information on Fruit Enzyme please visit our site.

S$ 90 per bottle
 image025 Fruit Enzyme Jam This is the antioxidant elixir helps the modern professional fight the signs of aging. Gobi’s fruit Enzyme comes in four flavour: Red Dragon Fruit, White Dragon Fruit, and Pineapple.
 image026 Upside down Fruit Enzyme Pineapple cake Orange fruit enzyme cakes is packed with anti-oxidants. Taste amazing and helps boost immunity. S$65 per cake
 image027 Upside down Fruit Enzyme Orange Cake Pineapple fruit enzyme cakes is packed with anti-oxidants. Taste amazing and improves blood circulation. S$65 per cake

CALL NOW and let us show you awesome:

Central Kitchen 350 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427598 Mon- Thursdays : 7am -9pm Fridays – Sundays : 7am – 10pm +65 6345 2127

Bedok Point


#03-34 Bedok Point 799 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467351Mondays – Sundays : 12pm -10pm +65 62424787



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