Gourmet Coffee

Espresso 1 shot S$4.20
Americano Gourmet Coffee from Gobi S$5.20
Cappuccino Espresso, Milk, Milk Foam S$5.50
Latte Espresso, Milk Foam S$5.50
Ice Latte S$6.50
Mocha Espresso, chocolate, milk S$5.90
Ice Mocha S$6.90
Ice Americano S$5.90
Ice Cappuccino S$6.20
Double Espresso Two shots expresso S$4.90
Affogato Vanilla Ice cream, Expresso S$7.00
Ice Blended Latte Vanilla Ice Cream, Latte S$7.00
Ice Blended Cappuccino Vanilla Ice Cream, Cappuccino S$7.00
Ice Blended Mocha Vanilla Ice Cream, Mocha S$7.00

African Sunsetafricansunset

Benefit: soothe the soul


Tasting Notes:
Herbaceous top notes of tobacco, reminiscent of the African bush, with a lingering sweet aftertaste.Ingredients:
Blend of African Honeybush, marigold and lemon myrtle.

Black Tea


Benefit: Alertness & Energy

Tasting Notes:
Medium bodied tea. Powdery top notes of midnight violets coupled with earthy mid notes.Ingredients:
Black tea aromatised with violets.




Benefit: Helps you sleep


Tasting Notes:
Light bodied infusion with floral top notes of chamomile and pronounced herbaceous notes.Ingredients:
Herbal tisane of chamomile, lavender and marigold.
S$4.Ice 50

English Breakfast


Benefit: Alertness & Energy

Tasting Notes:
Full bodied, robust tea. Faint floral aroma and malty notes.Ingredients:
Black tea blend of Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon.

Masala Chai


Benefit: Improves blood circulation

Tasting Notes:
Robust, medium bodied tea with flavours of Asian spices. Top notes of nutmeg and citrus with a lingering sweetness of anise.Ingredients:
Black tea with a mixture of orange peel, anise, fennel, pepper and cardamom.

Morning Dewmorningdew

Benefit: Cancer prevention



Tasting Notes:
Medium bodied tea. Lingering, sweet aroma of white flowers and roses paired with citrus top notes. Slightly tart finish.Ingredients:
Green tea with spring flowers and ripened berries.

Pandan Tea


Benefit: help fights pain




Tasting Notes:
Naturally sweet tasting.Ingredients:
Pandan leave, lemon grass

Peppermint Tea


Tasting Notes:
Light bodied tea. Fresh, herbaceous top notes of lemongrass with a wave of mint on the backnote and a hint of astringency.Ingredients: Marrakesh Green tea with mint and lemongrass.

Roselle Tearoselle

Benefit: traditional medicine for lower blood pressure


Tasting Notes:
tangy and sweet. Typical of Sudanese tea.

Hibiscus flower


Summer Peach


Benefit: reduces inflammation and mood swings.

Tasting Notes:
Deep aroma of ripened peaches coupled with a rich fruity flavour.Ingredients:
Blacktea, rosehips, orange zest, white peach

Ice Lemon Tea


Tasting Notes:
Sweet, tangy and smooth.Ingredients:
Freshly brewed tea with freshly squeezed lemon.

Iced Forest Berry Tea


Tasting Notes:
Refreshing tangy fruity flavor.Ingredient:
Forest berry (mixture of different forest berries) with mixture of tea leaves.



Coke Float Vanilla Ice Cream, Coke S$8.50
Root Beer Float Vanilla Ice Cream, Root Beer S$8.50
Ribena Spritzer Float Vanilla Ice, Ribena, Sprite S$8.50


Coke S$4.00
Sprite S$4.00
Fanta S$4.00
Ice Lemon Tea S$4.00
Mixed Berry Soda S$4.50


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