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1.0 Gobi is owned by the Lifvation Group. Gobi’s story started in 2004 making food that helps fight cancer. Gobi’s customers are family, relatives and friends. Gobi’s concept for its food: fun, simple, nutritious and affordable.  Gobi strives to achieve zero processed sugar in its food, low sodium, low fat, no MSG and whenever possible little to no animal products. Gobi’s businesses are divided into 4 areas: Full Month 满月礼物, Commercial pastries, Customized Pastries, Strategic programs. More on Gobi’s story.

Full month / 满月礼物

Commercial pastries

Customized pastries


Strategic programs


2.0 Gobi’s food philosophy and food culture.


Our customers are our family, our parents, our children and friends. It is important that we provide to our families and friends healthy food. We strive to be MSG free, zero coloring, no transfat, no gluten and achieve a zero processed sugar roadmap. For the next 5 years, we are trying to get all our cakes to be below 10% sugar content. We are Halal compliant and have plans to be Halal certified. We make our food fun for children and adult. Gobi is part of the Lifvation Group of Companies which strives to bring innovation in the lifestyle space. The Group is run by scientists and nutritionists who cares for their community.



우리의 고객은 어린이, 가족, 성인입니다. 우리는  MSG착색이 없으며, 아니 트랜스 지방없이 글루텐이없는 음식을 제공 할 것을 약속우리는 준수 할랄와 할랄 인증  계획을 가지고있다. 어린이와 성인을위한 우리 음식의 재미를합니다.

3.0 Gobi’s ZERO SUGAR roadmap

 Less than 20 in 3 years (by 2018)

Less than 10 in 5 years (by 2020)
Zero in 10 years (by 2025)

Mid year Progress Report

98% of Gobi’s cakes are under 20% process sugar. 50% of Gobi’s products are under 15%. 2 products the Macha and Double Fudge are under 10% process sugar.

4.0 Gobi’s Story

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A cake made by chocolate lovers for chocolate lovers.
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Delivered to your doorstep.
Delicious Moist Dark Chocolate inside
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Gobis get sold out fast.
Delivery available.
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Gobi's cake lifts your soul
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Gobi Desserts cares
Food free from Animals
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Give a Gobi. Cakes that really says, "Thank you, I really love you."
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给一个戈壁。 蛋糕真的说:“谢谢你,我真的爱你。” 在线订购:

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